With the shift to the cloud, the network is more important than ever—it’s the gateway to everything businesses need to function. With the rising cost of network downtime, your clients need to stay reliably connected or they lose productivity and revenue.

Recognizing these facts, some smart MSPs have started selling managed network services where they can:

  • Spot potential issues before they affect the network
  • Ensure the network is designed to support their current and evolving business needs
  • Reduce network risk

In other words, a managed network service helps your client networks run as silently and reliably as electricity—always powering them to do what they do best.

So how do you start prospecting and selling clients on managed network services?

Get Your Foot in the Door

Performing a network assessment using a system like Auvik is a great way to get started. You can charge a one-time fee for the assessment to generate some upfront revenue. Later, if the client signs a managed service contract with you, you can offer to reduce the first month’s fee by the amount of the assessment.

A network assessment helps you get the lay of the land. You’ll be able to see exactly what equipment the client has, how everything is connected and configured, and pinpoint problem areas.

Now it’s time to present your findings with a summary report and a map of the network. We find seeing really is believing here. Many MSPs tell us how impressed their prospects are with the network visualizations and deep insights they can glean with Auvik.

“When we were in the meetings looking at the live reports, looking at the visualizations, we were able to—in real-time—talk about issues and give them answers,” says one partner.

“We didn’t have to say, ‘We’ll get back to you in two weeks.’ Within five minutes, we were able to show them a vast, deep understanding of their network and show them things in their network that didn’t even know were there.”

Then Transition the Conversation

With the assessment done and report complete, now’s the time to shift the conversation to managed network services. How will the client remediate the issues identified in the report? How will they prevent new issues from cropping up over time? How will they keep the network up to date and running optimally even as devices age out or develop security vulnerabilities?

One strategy is to focus on the impact downtime would have on the client’s bottom line—and how you can help protect them from that growing risk.

When the conversation turns to price, you already have a complete picture of the network so you can quote work accurately. Hidden devices won’t surprise you later and force you to decide between eating the cost of extra work or going back to ask for more money.

There are a variety of ways to package and price managed network services. Some MSPs bundle them into their core offering, making it a non-negotiable line item. Others break it out as a separate service. Both create an opportunity to set your MSP apart.

Nearly every MSP monitors and manages servers and endpoints. But how many can truly say they proactively monitor the network too? By offering managed network services, you show a commitment to helping clients thrive in a rapidly changing and interconnected world. The network is valuable—and that makes what you do to support it indispensable.

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