msp-wrapup_(04.07.14)It’s been a busy week in news for managed IT services providers. From Heartbleed, to end of Windows XP, there’s a lot you need to know as an MSP. To that end, we’ve pulled together some of the most important stories from the week around managed services. Let us know if we missed any!



Heartbleed – Have you heard of it?

We’re sure you’ve heard about Heartbleed, the newly discovered vulnerability in OpenSSL, the cryptography library that powers the vast majority of private communication across the Internet. If you’ve been panicking this week, you’re not alone. Check out these choice articles explaining the computer bug and how it affects your business:

Heartbleed Bug Causes Major Security Headache

Why Heartbleed, the Latest Cybersecurity Scare, Matters


The End of Windows XP Support

At long last, the day came.  On April 8th, Microsoft ended all technical support for their XP operating system. The event came with suspicion of whether or not alarm was warranted or if it was just a marketing ploy for Windows 8. While outdated, the fact remains that 28% of the world’s PC users and, predominately, SMBs were still using XP when service ended.

Why you need to convince your clients to upgrade now: End of The Road for Windows XP

Webinar: The Complete XP EOS Business Plan Power Panel: An Interactive Session


Managed Services Pricing – We need more data!

As an MSP, how do you determine the right price for different products and packages? Sometimes pricing is all over the map, affecting companies’ managed services profitability. Point blank: we need more data. Take this survey! 

Managed Services Pricing Needs Reality Check


MSP Acquisitions: Office Equipment Dealers & MSPs

There’s a lot to be said for the MSP model. Recently, popular OE dealer, Xerox, acquired managed services provider, Smart Data Consulting. When asked, Smart Data Managing Partner, Ed Robles, boasted: “The synergies couldn't be clearer for our clients.” Sounds like a symbiotic relationship!

Read more here: Xerox Acquires Smart Data, Expands E-Discovery Managed Services


I Read You Cloud & Clear

Time to round off this roundup with an infographic about what else? The cloud! Did you know that 60% of CIOs list cloud computing as their top priority? Moreover, 80% of CIOs use the cloud network as an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). Find out how your business can be more nimble with this cumulus nimbus!

Infographic:  Cloud Computing Demystified


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