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3 Mobile Security Quick Tips to Share with Clients

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3 Mobile Security Quick Tips to Share with Clients

While browsing the Internet, how confident are you that your information is only being viewed by you? Follow these steps for a confidence boost in your mobile security.

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Raj Goel

MSP Owner, Author, entrepreneur, IT expert and public speaker, Raj Goel is globally known as the go-to man in cybersecurity and privacy law. By day, Raj runs a successful MSP in New York City named Brainlink. Learn more at By night, he is committed to educating individuals and organizations about online safety and how to protect their most important assets – people and data. His expert advice helps individuals, companies and conglomerates navigate their way through the world’s ever-changing technology and increasingly complex IT compliance laws. He often appears in the media and at conferences world-wide to educate the public on cybersecurity and digital privacy, a subject he is passionate about. He is the creator of SOPCULTURE – a well-defined methodology and process that elevates MSPs from OK to phenomenally profitable. So, whether you’re looking for a seasoned IT veteran who’s lived in the trenches, a successful business owner on a mission to increase client happiness and profitability or a caped crusader devoted to cyber-civil rights, you’ll want to contact Raj at 917-685-7731 or And don't forget to visit to read his articles, watch previous webinars on improving your service delivery and increasing profitability by reducing client frustration.
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