03-07-2014-Neumann.pngIn this episode of MSPtv we sit down with Jeff Neumann, Product Director for Continuum's Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BDR) solution. We're talking all things BDR this week, including some tips for avoiding an IT crisis, relevant news stories and an interesting BDR story about one of our partners. Find out more by watching our this with Jeff.  

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 Industry News & Trends:

Before we start talking about Business Continuity, let’s discuss this article:
How SMBs Use Social Media

Some key stats from the survey:

  • 81% says it helps them gain new customers 
    • of those, 94% use it for marketing
  • 60% say it helps them to gain new customers
  • SMBs $1M - $50M revenue
  • Valuable content:
    • 79% industry specific news
    • 74% Testimonials / Reviews from customers & clients
    • 70% Testimonials / Reviews from industry experts.

Here are some tips for increasing MSPs' social media following.



5 Tips for Avoiding an IT Crisis

  1. Plan, plan, plan
    1. Plan in place with vendors and clients BEFORE something happens. Give customers piece of mind, differentiate yourself
  1. Test the plan
    1. Stay well versed in BC/DR plan – assure customer you’re ready
  1. Vendors support FAILOVER OBJECTIVES
    1. Due diligence with vendors – pick the right partner
  1. 24/7 availability CRITICAL
    1. Have a 24/7 communication plan with employees and vendors
    2. Consider outsourcing Help Desk for 24/7
  1. Establish & Communicate RTO & RPO Goals
    1. Key objectives that you MUST ESTABLISH with YOUR CUSTOMERS to manage expectations 


Partner Case Study: James Boyd
James Boyd Associates

  • Office was flooded in a matter of minutes (due to flash flood)
  • They were back up and running that night
  • No lost information, and more importantly, no lost clients
  • Maintained their integrity as a business


Channel News:

ITEX National Conference, March 11-13 2014, Las Vegas

We'll be attending the BTA Regional Conference in Chicago May 15th


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