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[Special] MSPtv Episode 24: Steering Your MSP To Success

Posted June 27, 2014by Tim Lewis



For this very special episode of MSPtv, the Continuum team shot on-location with motivational speaker, author, and two-time America's Cup winner, Peter Isler in beautiful Newport, RI. Peter will be one of our keynote speakers at Navigate, our first ever user conference taking place September 21st-23rd in Boston. In this episode Peter speaks about his book, At The Helmand how his sailing experiences relate to running a business.

Episode Outline:

  • [0:30] - Inspiration for writing At The Helm 
    • Similarities in business and sailing
    • Teamwork and commitment
  • [1:37] - Common traits in both captains and those successful in business
    • Solving problems
    • Motivating your team
    • Developing a product that will succeed
  • [3:32] - How to find the sweet spot for your team's ability
    • Take into account the ability of your team
    • Success is still attainable without having to overwork your team
  • [5:22] - Best captains take direction from crew
    • Communication is key
    • The person taking charge changes all the time
  • [7:34] - Delegating responsibilities
    • Crew members should be engaged
    • Involve everyone in the crew
  • [9:50] - Motivating your team
    • Rewards are important
    • Fun factor is key
  • [14:28] - Dealing with situations over time in your business
    • Having a positive attitude towards changes
    • A change in condition creates an opportunity
  • [17:15] - The size of your business doesn't matter
    • The fundamental skills you learn in a small business is invaluable
    • It's not the size of your business, it's what you do with it


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Tim Lewis came from Emerson College in Boston, he lives and breathes motion pictures. In his spare time he enjoys petting his dog, Duke! Woof!

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