What is the most used search engine? If you guessed Google, you'd be correct. The second most used? Surprisingly, YouTube! If your MSP isn't taking advantage of this lucrative SEO potential, now's the perfect time to jump on the bandwagon. In this week's episode of MSPtv, we join Aaron Booker of Varvid to discuss how having a video presence in addition to a website presence can significantly increase your business's online visibility and exposure to potential new leads.
Episode Outline:
  • [0:43] - What lies ahead for MSP businesses
    • Cloud is a huge part of the MSP future
    • Internet quality and routing solutions are important
  • [2:58] - Maintaining relevancy in Cloud services
    • Lead the clients toward a Cloud solution
    • Don't turn your head to Cloud
  • [3:45] - KPIs can only go so far
    • Maintain relationships with your clients
    • This is a "people business", always keep the client comfortable
  • [4:57] - Use of video for your business
    • Second most used search engine is YouTube
    • Having a video presence is essential in being seen
    • Careful: Embedding your videos from YouTube could show your competitors as well
    • Wistia is great for embedding
  • [7:50] - Creating videos are simple these days
    • iPhones (4S or later) have a great video quality for filming your videos
    • All you need is a digital handheld audio recorder and a tripod
    • Wistia has a catalogue of "How To" video production videos
    • It's not too late to start creating videos
    • Videos show up first in Google's searches, creates an advantage for your company


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