The truth is, Continuum partners are really what makes Continuum. We are grateful for and proud of each and every one; yet it's necessary to award those who've gone above and beyond throughout the year and achieved stand-out success.

We handed out awards in the following categories at our recent Navigate 2019 EMEA conference—read on for some well-deserved partner shout-outs!

Growth Partner of the Year

And the winner is... TMB Group! Congratulations on your exceptional growth this year; you set quite the example for industry peers. We're proud to have you as a valued partner—now go continue to #GrowLikeCrazy!

Check out the team celebrating the #nav19 win below: 

Security Partner of the Year

And the winner is...  Tyneso! Today, your clients need you to provide them with the advanced cybersecurity solutions their end users now demand. With your industry-leading security strategies and world-class technology stack—including Continuum Fortify—you've succeeded in doing so. Congrats! 

Here's a shot from #nav19 of Michael George happily awarding the Tyneso team:


Business Continuity Partner

And the winner is... ATG! Being prepared to quickly recover from a disaster and keep business running takes proactive tools and an agile team. Well done, ATG, for demonstrating what it means to be a strong business continuity partner to Continuum! 

Here's coverage of the team sharing their excitement:

Continuum Ambassador

And the winner is... Francis West of WestTek IT! Thanks for all your hard work, and for signifying what it means to be a Continuum ambassador.

Check out the team's reaction below:


All In Partner

And the winner is... onebyte! Being all-in on the Continuum platform means a lot to us, and says a lot about an MSP's understanding of what it takes to scale. Congratulations for being awarded "All In," onebyte! 

Brilliant reaction from a brilliant team! 

Strategic Group

And the winner is... Network Group! We were thrilled to present our friends at Network Group the Strategic Group award—they're a truly strategic network that has emerged as a staple in this industry. Cheers!

Here are some words from the team after accepting:


Strategic Partner

And the winner is... First Solution! We value all of our relationships with partners—and the most strategic partnerships are even more impactful. Thanks for showcasing exceptional leadership and drive, First Solution!

See what the team had to say:


Strategic Vendor

And the winner is... Terra! An awesome vendor, this award is well deserved. Partnering with Terra is a no-brainer for backup requirements in today's market. Thank you, team, for all the support and congratulations on your continued success!

Here's a note from the team:

Thanks again for a fantastic Navigate 2019 EMEA, and a big congrats to all winners and nominees! Will we see you next year? Click here to sign up for the waitlist for Navigate 2020 EMEA!


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