What if I told you that you could gain customers and capabilities without spending a dime? Would you jump at the chance? Of course you would. You already know that providing IT services isn’t easy – and it’s only getting more complex with BYOD and MDM challenges. By taking advantage of two-in-one devices built with fifth generation Intel Core vPro processors, however, you can gain up to $585 in total cost savings over the life of the PC.

We know that some MSPs and IT consultants have avoided implementing vPro because it wasn’t integrated with Continuum. We're excited to share that we've worked together with the remote monitoring and management (RMM) provider to change this.

A Tool to Help you Launch New Service Offerings

The Continuum vPro Navigator is a new technical, online reference tool designed to easily help deploy our PCs in your Continuum environment. Developed by our two companies, it gives detailed, step-by-step instructions on:

  1. Provisioning vPro-based PCs
  2. Using the powerful remote management functions already integrated into Continuum

Take a look at our new offering, and see how quickly you can learn to use Intel vPro functions—such as remote power up and hardware-based KVM Remote Control— to save significant time and money.

What Are the Benefits?

By using the Continuum vPro Navigator you can take advantage of your Continuum management console and existing Intel® vPro™ technology PCs that may already be in your install base without your realizing. There are many PCs with this powerful technology available -  you can find the list here. The Navigator gives you step-by-step instructions and extensive screen captures (Continuum screens and PC BIOS screens). It also lets you benefit from the best-known-methods that Continuum's partners have discovered.

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