A new botnet malware called "Corebot" is posing a serious threat and seems to have been written from scratch. Plus, iOS and OSX users beware, an airdrop vulnerability could have you at risk! To hear more, just click play!


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Corebot: Cleverly Written Botnet Malware With Growth Potential

InfoWorld, @infoworld, Mario Korolov, @MariaKorolov

Bug in iOS and OSX Allows Writing of Arbitrary Files via AirDrop

Threatpost, @threatpost, Dennis Fisher, @DennisF


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Did you know today is IT Pro Day? It's a day devoted to paying homage to IT professionals, the "unsung heroes of modern business." In honor of this technician appreciation day, we wanted to know what MSP business owners could do to reduce their turnover rate. Why is employee churn such a business killer? Bottom line: there is a shortage of IT talent. According to CIO Magazine, of the 200 U.S. and U.K. C-level executives who participated in Appirio and Wakefield Research's survey,90% claimed recruiting and retaining technology talent is a top business challenge. The same C-suite reported that 25% of their IT staff leaves the company each year. 

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Container concerns:

         As Containers Take off, so Do Security Concerns
         CIO@CIOonline, Maria Korolov, @MariaKorolov

Encryption reprucussions:

       Obama Advisors: Encryption Backdoors Would Hurt Cybersecurity, Net Infrastructure Vendors
       Network World@NetworkWorld, Tim Greene, @Tim_Greene

Ashley Madison disaster:

         Spyware Infects Phones, Adware Increases on Home PCs, Report Finds
         eWeek, @eWEEKNews, Robert Lemos



Hey there and welcome back for this week’s edition of IT Rewind. Last week we celebrated our 50th episodes, so now we’re on the road to 100! Lets get started!

There’s a new botnet malware called Corebot and researchers say it could pose a serious threat. Corebot was written from scratch to be modular and was first noticed by IBM Security X-Force. According to a senior security threat researcher at Damballa, Corebot makes it easy for the author to add plugins to do specific tasks. The researcher went on to add that while most malware is based on older malware, this new threat does indeed looks to be built new. Corebot also comes with a unique domain generation algorithm, which creates different domain names based on the location of the host machine. This makes it harder for security companies to block those domains.

A major vulnerability in iOS and OS X allows attackers to overwrite arbitrary files and even install a signed app to user devices without user consent. Mark Dowd, a security researcher, discovered the vulnerability says that if users have AirDrop set to allow connections from any user, whether they are contacts or not, attackers can exploit the vulnerability on a default locked iOS device, whether the user has agreed to accept the files or not. To see a demo of the AirDrop exploit, check out the full article by clicking on the link below.

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