IT'S ALIIIIIIIIIVE! We launched our new private, online partner community, Collaborate, at Navigate 2014, our inaugural user conference. You know, that event you've probably been hearing so much about. Navigate allowed our MSP partners to meet, network with, and learn from one another. Now, those connections live on. We were all too thrilled to have our partners join us as we embarked on our maiden voyage and knew we had to extend the peer-to-peer interaction when our fellow shipmates returned home!


Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines "collaborate" as a verb meaning "to work with another person or group in order to achieve or do something." Therein lies the mission of Collaborate, our partner community. In addition to directly accessing our staff and product experts, users are able to better learn how their MSP peers are using products to scale and grow their managed IT services businesses through what else? Collaboration! 

80 Conversations Are Already Taking Place! 

So how many different ways can you contribute? Below, is a list of some of our various categories: 

  • RMM
  • Service Desk
  • Vault
  • Product Updates
  • MDM
  • Growing & Scaling
  • Pricing & Packaging 
  • Hiring & Retaining Talent
  • Backup
  • Cloud
  • Industry News 

Powered by Get Satisfaction, Collaborate allows users to tag any conversation as a question, idea, praise, or problem. Having trouble recruiting high-value IT technicians? Have a new product feature request? Get real-time answers to real managed IT services matters! 

Are you on Collaborate? What do you think of our new community platform? Drop us a line! 

Already a member? Check back in! Your community awaits...



Introducing Collaborate a Continuum Community

Note: First-time visiters must access Collaborate through the Resources tab of their ITS portal in order for single sign-on to be effective and member to be successfully added.