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On the Road This Summer? Send a Postcard to Your Top 10 Clients

Posted July 22, 2015by Lily Teplow

When was the last time you proactively reached out to your top 10 clients to check-in? As an MSP, your clients are a key component to your business success, which is why you need to keep those relationships strong. This summer, you may not be thinking about your existing client relationships because you’d rather focus on growth, or maybe those vacation plans need some fine-tuning. Whatever your reasoning may be, your clients should be at the top of your priority list, and you don’t want to leave them in the dust!

I know summer is your time to cash in on that well-earned vacation, but even while you’re soaking in those rays in Aruba, you can still effectively maintain your top client relationships. So what’s the secret? Well, simply add sending a post card to your top 10 clients to your MSP Summer BuckIT List! Use these 3 tips to maintain your relationship with top clients this summer so your business can keep on thriving. 

How to Stay In Touch This Summer

Now when I say “send a postcard,” I don’t actually mean that your clients should be receiving a “Greetings from Hawaii!” card in their mailbox. What I’m trying to get at is that even if you’re on vacation this summer, you should still be maintaining your relationship and staying in touch with top clients, and there are many ways to do so.

1. Surprise them

Unfortunately, your clients are probably not thinking about you while they’re sailing through the Greek Isles, so calling or emailing to check in might be a nice surprise to them. You should always strive to make your clients happy, but with the element of surprise on your hands you can make them happy unexpectedly by giving them some complimentary advice, offering them a gift, or simply wishing them a happy summer. You may not have a whole lot of time to allocate to client service this summer, but you’ll be amazed at the impact you can make with a single check-in.

2. Reward their loyalty

Your repeat clients are your most profitable clients; spending an average 67 percent more than new clients. Are you doing enough to encourage your top clients to partner with you again? Yes, it’s important to stay in touch, but you should also be rewarding them with something of value in exchange for their loyalty. Whether it’s a special discount, insightful tips, or a newsletter on current updates and events, rewarding your top clients will pay off with their loyalty in return.

3. Pique their interest

As you’re brushing up on your summer reading and going through different blogs, books, and other material, you should not only be keeping your business in mind, but also your top clients’ business. Say, for instance, that you come across an item of interest that would be beneficial to them. Go ahead and send it along with a note! It’s quick and easy, doesn’t take too much effort or time, and it also reminds your top clients that you appreciate your relationship.


If Physics 101 taught me anything, it’s that it takes a lot less energy to keep a relationship warm, rather than trying to warm it up after it's gone cold. So with that in mind, you should use these tips and take the time this summer to check in with your top clients so you can maintain your strong relationship… they’re your top clients for a reason! But hey, if you’d rather take this post literally and head to the nearest tourist shop in search of a corny postcard, in the end your clients will appreciate that you were thinking of them.

What are some ways that you maintain relationships with your top clients? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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Lily is passionate about storytelling, marketing, and helping businesses solve their biggest challenges. In her role as Public Relations and Media Specialist at Continuum, she is responsible for enhancing the company’s voice and presence through online and offline channels. With a background in communications and content creation, Lily is a seasoned and established writer in the IT industry. In her spare time, Lily enjoys traveling the world and cheering on her favorite Boston sports teams.

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