Painting a Picture for Better IT Security

For many of those brought up in a certain time, you will remember a painter on TV named Bob Ross. Bob Ross went viral before the internet and social media made going viral a thing. His soothing voice, well-maintained hairstyle and ability to casually add “little trees” to a canvas that would somehow come out at the end of his half hour show as a true work of art—it was mesmerizing. When I watched, I was always impressed by how he used all the tools he had at his disposal, whether it be brushes or sponges, to get the desired effect.

Now when it comes to painting, I’m no Bob Ross—in fact even finger-painting pushes my artistic limits. Because of this, I never had an appreciation for the tools of the trade. I never fully appreciated the need for the dozens of different brushes or sponges that Bob Ross was using, but I appreciated the result he was able to deliver with them.

While interesting, Bob Ross doesn’t seem to have much to do with cyber securitybut the two are actually more similar than you might expect.

IT Security: Your Blank Canvas

As an IT service provider, you are the cyber security version of Bob Ross in many ways. You have some clients that want little trees, some that want mountains, and others that don’t know exactly what they want—they just want a painting. In any case, the reality is that very few clients have an appreciation for the tools and resources you need to deliver these things.

That’s why Continuum Security offers the flexibility and customization needed to meet the diverse needs of SMB customers. It’s a solution that’s truly built for MSPs and MSSPs.

As we announced yesterday, Continuum’s acquisition of CARVIR has extended the capabilities of our security solution—and most importantly enables our partners to truly become the trusted and credible security advisor their customers need. In other words, we’re excited to help you fill the blank canvas just like Bob Ross.  

Continuum Security provides a complete portfolio of security products and SOC services which allow MSPs to meet the varying needs of their clients. This starts with Profile & Protect, which gives you the ability to define exactly which security services you’re providing to each of your customersand allows you to establish unique protection plans or profiles for each of the environments you're managing.


Defining Your Services and Overcoming Gaps in Protection

Profile & Protect lets an MSPs define their services on a per-customer or per-site basis, using a series of out-of-the-box and customizable “profiles” that are mapped to gaps in protection. This allows an MSP to define exactly which technologies and configurations should be in place to protect against common attack vectors like ransomware, phishing and others—and with threshold-based alerting, you’ll only receive tickets for issues or vulnerabilities that require your attention.

The product also helps support cross-sell and upsell conversations. Due to your clients’ lack of appreciation for the complexity of security, selling add-on services and products can be difficult—it would be the equivalent of Bob Ross telling me he needed some cash for another brush when I can see five of them just sitting there on the table.

Profile & Protect changes the conversation by reporting on an environments risk as it relates to common attack types—allowing you shift the talk track from explaining “the brushes” to instead explaining the specific value they each deliver. For MSPs, this means you might already be painting little trees for certain clients every day—but if they ask for a bird or a mountain, they’ll likely need an additional brush or service to make that a reality.  

Lastly, Profile & Protect allows the MSP to apply the right services to the right client—so if one of your clients wants trees, you'll receive an alert if they don’t have the ability to create those trees. If someone else wants birds, you’ll get alerted if they can’t get birds. This enables MSPs to more effectively define their services, report on the client risk, and drive upsell opportunities—ensuring that they are meeting the need of their different clients at all times. 

Profile & Protect also includes Webroot DNS filtering and Security Awareness Training at no added cost—providing a broad set of tools MSPs can leverage in their portfolio to better-protect clients. 


Stopping Active Threats in Their Tracks

To truly meet the security needs of your clients, it’s also important to understand that some will be true "art connoisseurs." Bob Ross’s TV show was all about teaching you how to paint, but the reality is that no matter how many episodes you watched (or how carefully you followed his instructions) you will still probably never paint like Monet. Even so, there will be some clients who understand the more advanced or nuanced aspects of security, and know that they need more than a simple tree or mountain in their painting—they need more depth and richness. That’s where Continuum Security’s two Detect & Respond products come into the picture. 

Through our acquisition of CARVIR and the Continuum SOC, our Detect & Respond products provide advanced security for clients with complex needs—providing sophisticated technology and instant access to a dedicated staff of security experts. This means MSPs don’t need to become Monet themselves, but instead can rely on Continuum's intelligent software and SOC to support you and your clients.

For those clients with more advanced security needs, Detect & Respond – Endpoint provides a fully managed endpoint detection and response offering (powered by SentinelOne) which offers advanced endpoint behavioral analysis capable of protecting devices before and during an attack. The product also includes rapid remediation capabilities in cases where attacks do occur.

Detect & Respond – Network & Compliance provides active log monitoring and correlation through a managed SIEM offering (powered by EventTracker), which supports endpoints and network devices to quickly understand threats that are spreading across a client’s site. This product provides additional protection and also enables MSPs to effectively demonstrate their compliance with key components of major regulations around threat and log monitoring.

Both Detect & Respond products are fully managed by the Continuum SOC, allowing MSPs to provide full monitoring and remediation capabilities, 24x7x365, without the need to build in-house teams or operations.


The Big Picture

Like a Bob Ross painting, security has many layers to it—and while most people will only see the finished product, it’s critical not to lose sight of each important step and brushstroke happening along the way.

Delivering effective cyber security services can be challenging, and the efforts that go into it are often underappreciated. Continuum Security was developed with you in mind; it's built to enable every MSP to be like the great Bob Ross in the eyes of their customers, and to create the exact painting they’ve always wanted.


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