Partner Spotlight: Our Journey from 1,000 to 100 Tickets a Day [VIDEO]

Many MSPs are familiar with the concept of ticket fatigue; when you or your techs can’t perform at the high-level of service your clients need, all because of the sheer amount of alerts that consume your day-to-day. Before becoming a Continuum partner, DS Tech was no stranger to ticket fatigue.

In this partner spotlight, DS Tech shares their story of how they leverage Continuum to not only reduce their daily number of tickets, but become more efficient and able to better service their clients.

Eric Wakkuri is President at DS Tech, an IT service provider based in Escanaba, Michigan whose mission is to improve their customers’ productivity and profitability by implementing the right technology. After realizing how much of his team’s time and energy were consumed by alerts and tickets, he set out to find an RMM replacement.

“One of our biggest pain points was too much ticket noise,” says Eric. “We spent a considerable amount of time with our internal staff managing our previous RMM product, and as we grew as a company, we found that it made us less efficient, and harder to scale and add new customers.” 

In his search for a smarter solution, Eric found Continuum RMM, a powerful remote monitoring and management solution that integrates intelligent software with skilled Network Operations Center (NOC) technicians.

Continuum RMM’s IntelliMon technology filters and validates the data that flows into DS Tech’s systems, helping significantly reduce unnecessary alerts and tickets. Additionally, Eric and his team has been particularly impressed with the integrated NOC services, and has since implemented a dedicated NOC technician for around-the-clock coverage. 

“With the Dedicated NOC program, we’ve been able to add a NOC technician to our staff,” explains Eric. “We trained him on how to work most efficiently for us, and he gets to work the night shift. When we're all sleeping, he's working that shift—following a daily routine that we've created for him. He’s made us significantly more efficient at being a 24x7 operation.”

Want to learn more about how DS Tech found success with Continuum? Tune into our partner spotlight video above!


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