At Continuum, our partners are our lifeblood. Everything we do is to support our partners, and that support extends beyond just their business. We love seeing our partners find success in areas outside of managed IT services, which is why we’re highlighting Dan Wilson of Waypoint IT Experts.

Recently, Dan Wilson, President and CEO of Waypoint IT Experts, participated in Carolinas Health Care System’s “Cycle to the Sea,” a charity event for the Adaptive Sports & Adventures Program (ASAP). The event is a 3-day, 180-mile trek from Monroe, NC to Myrtle Beach, SC. 




Why Dan Got Involved

Dan, a partner of ours for over 7 years, has participated in this event for the past three years now, supporting his dear friend, Brian Muscarella. In March 2011, Brian, 50, suffered an extremely rare event called a spinal stroke, leaving him paralyzed from the chest down. During his time at Carolinas Rehabilitation Center, Brian rebuilt his strength, learned how to overcome this traumatic experience and regained his livelihood. Dan was there through Brian’s entire stint at the rehab center, and is still fighting alongside with Brian today.

  Above: Dan Wilson, CEO/President of Waypoint Solutions Group

Meanwhile, as Brian was adjusting to his condition, Dan came across “Cycle to the Sea” in the newspaper. Dan approached Brian about the event and told him that they were going to do it together next year. “He did not look overjoyed about it. I pressed him on this and gave us a goal together.”

During Brian’s rehab and learning more about Brian’s condition, Dan shared the doctor’s description of the event, “The doctor told him that this whole incident was a FREAK of nature and could not explain it.” Thus, is the origin of their team name, Team Freak.

Team Freak consists of Dan, Brian and other close friends and family, all of whom join other individuals suffering from lower-body paralysis in “Cycle to the Sea” to raise funds for ASAP and its mission. Dan contributes by biking the entire 180-mile effort with Brian and other hand cyclists, to support as well as to protect the hand cyclists from road traffic and other elements.

Since their first year in April 2012, Team Freak provides a growing number of participants each year getting one more friend to join them in their journey. They are also the top fundraiser for the event, including bringing in all-time high for the event this past year. See the video below to learn more about Brian and Team Freak.


The Training

To prepare for the event, Dan begins training a month and half out from the event by biking up to 4 hill rides between 8-13 miles, and a regular 25 mile bike ride each weekend. The time Dan spends preparing for this remarkable event is time well spent as he and Brian both benefit greatly. “To be beside Brian and to help him reach his goals with this organization and to see the same grit and determination and “OCD” like personality in him that was there before the incident means the world.”

Dan, along with the rest of Team Freak, support ASAP and its mission to raise funds for rehab centers as well as new sports equipment such as bikes, rugby chairs, water and snow skis for individuals with conditions similar to Brian’s.

We, at Continuum, are very proud and fortunate to have such an incredible person such as Dan, as our partner. While it is one thing to dedicate ourselves to our professional lives, it is far more special to dedicate ourselves to a cause like Dan has.

Brian’s Progress

Back row from left to right:
Tommy Baskind, Dan Wilson,
Declan MacDevette; Front row:
Brian Muscarella

In supporting Brian and his efforts, Dan is happy to report, since Brian’s diagnosis in March 2011, ASAP along with Brian’s gritty, “OCD” like determination, has built up his leg strength to point where he is able to use a walker occasionally. “You should have seen the smile and joy on his face when he showed everyone he could do this,” Dan remarks. In addition, Brian’s advancements have enabled him to participate in an array of other activities such as water skiing and rugby.

Dan would love to see us come out for next year’s “Cycle to the Sea” and join the effort. As the “Team Freak” motto goes, “Get on Board ‘Team Freak,’ or Get Outta the Way!”



Great job Dan, we’re proud to call you our partner!