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Partner Spotlight: Epic Technologies Launches New BDR Platform!

Posted September 10, 2014by Brandon Garcin

Here at Continuum, our success is based on our partners’ success, so when we hear about their accomplishments we like to talk about it. This past July, our partner, Epic Technologies, was mentioned in the Lebanon Democrat & Wilson News for announcing the start of their backup and disaster recovery (BDR) program to better protect their customers’ data. Now, Epic Technologies is at the forefront of the industry and a shining example for MSPs to model their offerings after. The company demonstrates that a fully complete data protection package including business continuity is not only necessary, but operationally efficient and cost effective as well.

Epic Technologies, based out of Cookeville, TN, specializes in managed IT services and unified communications serving small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Recognizing the huge potential of BDR, Epic Technologies adopted a platform suite for their customers’ needs. By offering data protection, managed IT services businesses have an “overwhelming competitive advantage,” maintains Don Viar, owner of Epic Technologies. MSPs are able to eliminate clients’ worries. If something goes wrong, their data is safe and intact, and their networks are available virtually any time.

As mentioned in the article, there are few managed IT services like Epic Technologies offering backup and recovery services. For MSPs like Epic Technologies, now is the time to strike and begin providing a BDR service that delivers complete end-to-end business continuity. Providing BDR is becoming a necessity. But what’s necessary to include in a backup and recovery package that keeps your customers up and running? Here’s what Epic Technologies is now providing for their BDR customers...

How to Emulate Epic Technologies' Success - What to Include in Your BDR Package:

  • Secure data protection – assuring customers’ private information is protected gains trust with them and provides peace of mind.
  • Instant virtualization – providing snapshot backups is the “X” factor between uptime and downtime, allowing for productive employees even while servers are down.
  • Cloud based replication and recovery – providing off-site virtualization of data that provides a stable future for customers if something occurs on-site.
  • Full monitoring and support ensures clients’ systems are proactively protected against potential failures and problems that arises can likely be solved without expensive on-site visits.

Having a conversation with your customers about what happens when a crisis strikes is essential to let them know you have them covered regardless of the matter - errors, power outages, or natural disasters. Eliminating the costly damages of downtime that result is a huge win for managed IT service providers like Epic Technologies providing BDR services.

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At the end of the day, it’s about our customers and ensuring they have everything needed to run their businesses. On behalf of Continuum, we’d like to congratulate Epic Technologies and the strides they’ve made with their new data protection platform, ensuring the future success of their SMB clients!

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Brandon Garcin is Continuum's Director of Content Marketing, and is responsible for the creation and execution of a variety of resources designed to win new business and support existing customer accounts. He has authored more than a dozen eBooks which have generated thousands of downloads, and has consulted with hundreds of Continuum partners to help improve their marketing and lead generation efforts through website optimization and content development. Brandon is also the host of The Weekly Byte, a video and audio series produced by Continuum that provides quick, digestible tips and best practices that MSPs can use to help their business succeed.

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