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Although backup and disaster recovery (BDR) has become a staple to every MSPs technology stack, many still struggle to develop a profitable and sustainable BDR line of business. Some of the common challenges we hear today include finding the right solution to fit your clients’ needs, or delivering effective data backup to clients across specific industries. Others have a hard time dealing with solutions that have become too cumbersome and time-consuming to manage, or even dealing with disaster recovery scenarios. As an MSP offering BDR services, your goal is to provide clients with reliable data backup and business continuity, but how can you do so when these challenges stand in your way?

Sometimes, the best way to succeed is to learn through others’ success. That’s why we’re sharing the stories of two Continuum partners who faced certain BDR challenges but proceeded to overcome them by leveraging Continuum BDR, our fully-managed BDR platform. Let's take a closer look!

Challenge: Time-Consuming Backup Management

When you provide your clients with a BDR solution, you’re promising them complete protection of their IT systems. With some solutions, though, delivering that level of protection can require a lot of time-consuming management on your part. The major problem with self-managed solutions is that you can't truly predict the amount of time and resources you'll have to spend managing client backups. In fact, some MSPs even report spending up to 50 percent of their time troubleshooting failed backups when using only internal support.

Luckily, this is no longer a major challenge for MySherpa, a Delaware-based MSP who supports several unique verticals. Since the company started leveraging Continuum’s fully-managed BDR platform, it’s been able to focus more on businesses growth, instead of constantly monitoring and managing backups. Continuum BDR is directly supported by Continuum’s 700+ Network Operations Center (NOC) technicians who provide day-to-day monitoring, management and other support for client backups, so the team at MySherpa is free to spend time on more strategic projects.

“Continuum BDR has allowed us to reallocate internal resources that were previously spending their time verifying backups, troubleshooting failures or responding to other issues,” says Ethan Tancredi, President at MySherpa. “We can now rely on Continuum’s tools and personnel to complete these tasks, and our engineers are operating more efficiently—they’re able to focus on driving more value for our customers.”

Not only does Continuum BDR allow Tancredi and his team to focus on customer relationships and strategic growth, he also notes that Tru- Verify™ is a strong differentiator for the platform that verifies the integrity of their backups. This proprietary technology transcends traditional screenshot verification and provides MySherpa with complete video verification to ensure that backups are executing properly.

“With Tru-Verify, we have actual video evidence that shows us whether a server has virtualized properly. It’s tangible proof we can leverage to show our clients that we’re delivering a rock-solid backup service—and if for some reason things don’t go as planned, Tru-Verify allows us to see exactly where they went wrong.”

Overall, Continuum BDR enables MySherpa to deliver robust disaster recovery and business continuity services to clients—and Continuum’s NOC technicians provide hands-on support to minimize the time that MySherpa’s staff spends managing the platform.

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Challenge: Supporting Individual Client Needs

We all know that different clients will have different BDR needs. It’s just the way of the industry. As their MSP, you’re promising to ensure continuous uptime and complete data protection, so you need to be backed with the right solution that allows you to fulfill your clients’ specific needs. Many MSPs still struggle with this because there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, and different BDR appliances will have many different factors to consider. Some solutions may even insist that you purchase their hardware along with their software, even if it isn’t ideal for you or your clients.

This, however, is not a worry for Arvig, a Minnesota-based MSP, because Continuum BDR is a hardware agnostic platform, which gives the company the flexibility to fit the solution to each clients’ requirements.

“Once we saw how robust and in-depth the platform is—and how easy it is to manage—we were sold” says Michael Baso, Product and Business Development Supervisor at Arvig. “Continuum provides us with all of the tools we need to handle anything that gets thrown at us.”

With features like block-level backup, offsite replication and full disaster recovery support, Continuum BDR helps Arvig deliver true business continuity and peace of mind to clients—and it didn’t take long for the company to start seeing positive results.

“Our customers love it,” says Baso. “They don’t have to deal with any backup issues, they’ve stopped having chronic lags on their networks—it’s really changed their entire business platform, and they couldn’t be happier.”

Happy clients, of course, make for a more successful MSP experience. However, not everything in today’s business world is always so happy-go-lucky. Disaster scenarios, for example, can happen at a moment’s noticedespite our best efforts to prevent them. When this happened to one of Arvig’s clients, they were relieved to have deployed Continuum BDR.

“We’ve had scenarios where customer machines have gone down,” Baso explains. “And thanks to Continuum BDR, we were able to completely restore them.”

All in all, Continuum BDR allows Arvig to provide its customers with peace of mind and cost-effective data backup services that fulfills their every need, even when disaster hits.

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