Partner Spotlight: How to Become a Recognized MSP

Today’s managed service providers (MSPs) play a critical role in overseeing IT functions and helping organizations achieve their business and technology goals. While every MSP strives to be the best in the market, only few can actually claim the title.

If you’re looking to take your managed services business to the next level in 2018, read on to hear advice from a leading MSP on what it takes to make it to the top.

What Does It Take to Be a Top MSP?

Some of the most successful MSPs have a few things in common; perseverance, outstanding service delivery, and scalability, to name a few. However, those who are able to go above and beyond are typically backed by a more efficient and profitable business model.

But how do you know if you’re among those MSPs? Organizations such as MSPmentor dedicate time and resources to assess an MSPs’ strength based on revenue contributions from key go-to-market activities in order to create the annual MSPmentor 501 list. In fact, this year’s release marked the 10th anniversary of the industry’s most respected list of top managed services providers. Recognized among them is Rouse Consulting Group (RCG), an Illinois-based MSP and Continuum partner.

RCG is ranked third on MSPmentor 100 Small Business Edition for 2017. As a component of the MSPmentor 501, this prestigious list honors the top 100 MSPs with 15 or fewer employees.

I recently sat down for a brief Q&A with Paul Rouse, President and CEO of Rouse Consulting Group, to discuss this recognition, what it means to be a top-ranking MSP and what has contributed to their success.

Q: What does it mean to you to be recognized on MSPmentor 501: 2017 Small Business Edition?

A: It’s been a great honor to be listed on the MSPmentor 501 list. It’s an acknowledgement of a lot of hard work that everybody on my team within my organization has put into it. Not only does this recognition show our success and growth over the years, it’s been a nice bonus to close out 2017.

Q: To what do you attribute this success? What is RCG doing differently that has allowed you to rank in the #3 spot?

A: We listen intently to our customers and remain very active within the MSP community.  This allows us to respond to customer needs by adding new products and services that are readily adopted.

One example of this is the security sector. This is an area with tremendous demand that requires a trusted partner. From an ownership perspective, we remain intently focused on key performance indicators, which help to measure and maintain the health of the organization. Knowing when it is appropriate to add team members is an important component in the success of RCG.

Q: This is something that you and your team must be proud of. How have you been able to use or promote this recognition? 

A: We’ve used the recognition in a variety of ways, specifically in various types of marketing efforts. While we try not to brag, it’s an impressive recognition—and to be this high on the list is something we’re certainly proud of. There aren’t a whole lot of rankings like this in our industry, so we’ve been able to leverage it in new client meetings or bring it up in existing client meetings, which has helped us win some new business.

Q: Can you speak to the role your partnership with Continuum has played in the success of your business? 

A: Continuum has been a foundational aspect of our business, and our partnership has allowed us to achieve this kind of high recognition. The model that we have with Continuum has really allowed us to scale and grow size-wise, dollar-wise, top-line revenue and bottom-line revenue. Being able to utilize the labor and resources of the Network Operations Center (NOC), as well as other members of the Continuum team, mean we don’t have to raise headcount in the same proportions that a typical MSP who doesn’t utilize some type of a NOC-based service would have to.

Without Continuum, my staff would easily be double what it would have to be right now. To have the elasticity that Continuum offers, especially through the NOC services, has really helped limit our risk as a business and allowed us to grow, take on bigger challenges and become the type of MSP that is recognized for its success.


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