Partner Spotlight

Most managed services providers (MSPs) are no stranger to the struggle of finding qualified candidates for technical jobs. Especially those who are running a lean operation—every hire and every team member is critical. But in order to scale and support the needs of your clients, how can you right-size your team without breaking the bank?

In this partner spotlight, Tandem Systems, an MSP based just outside of Manchester in England, shares how they have more confidence going out to market because they’re backed by Continuum’s Network Operations Center (NOC) team.

Before becoming a Continuum partner, Adam Warren, Managing Director at Tandem Systems, had struggled with staffing the a full technician team that could support the needs of their clients. Having previously worked with outsourced NOC services, Warren and his team were bought into the model but needed a solution that had the right systems and processes to make their team most effective. That’s when they found Continuum.

“I think there may be issues in other companies where in-house technicians see outsourced solutions as a threat to their jobs and their position. But we didn’t get rid of anybody; we just realigned them and gave them tasks that were more valuable to our clients, and therefore, our team moved away from a lot of the reactive work and was able to focus on more proactive and valuable work.”

“In terms of training our own staff, everyone went through the Continuum University program and got certified,” he continues. “I think that answered a lot of the issues we had with the other vendors we’ve worked with—they didn’t have those processes. Our team really understood Continuum’s products and that made them very easy to work with.”

All in all, Adam enjoys that Continuum helps his business scale with the needs of his customers and become a major player in his local market.

“The UK market is a bit behind the US in terms of technology adoption, so working with Continuum means we’re early adopters in our local geography, and that gives us a lot more confidence now going out to market.”

Want to learn more about how Tandem Systems has found success with Continuum? Tune into our partner spotlight video above!


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