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Protecting Client Data and Staying Security Compliant

Posted December 5, 2013by Hunter Smith

If you’re expanding your business into the health sector, you've been hearing a lot about HIPAA and security compliance. Other clients require a high level of security and regulatory compliance also, like government contracts, or the legal and financial industries. Continuum absolutely understands the importance of security for our customers; we’re HIPAA compliant and ready to sign Business Associate Agreements (BAAs).

Maintaining Security with Continuum’s ITSupport Portal

Continuum's ITSupport Portal is a single pane that allows you to manage all client resources from one place. This is powerful and useful, but it also means a lot of sensitive data, like server credentials and client contact information, are just as accessible from that one place.

Setting up users with appropriate access levels can keep much of this data secure. Super Users and Admins have access to all sites, while Site Admins and Users can only access information for specified Sites.


Adding Two-Factor Authentication

You can add another layer of security by enabling Continuum's integration with two-factor authentication solutions. Two-factor authentication works by requiring the user to provide two forms of security out of a possible three types:

  • Something they know (e.g. username and password)
  • Something they have (e.g. key, credit card or mobile device)
  • Something they are (e.g. fingerprint scan or other biometrics)

Continuum has integrated with Scorpion Software's AuthAnvil and Google Authenticator to require the first two qualifications in order to access ITSupport Portal data.

When enabled, a dynamically generated passcode is sent to the user's mobile device or security fob. The user must know their login username and password and also have the device in their possession to retrieve the required passcode. This helps to ensure that the person requesting your sensitive data is actually the person you have authorized to access it.

Two-factor authentication can be configured in the ITSupport Portal. Contact your Technical Account Representative if you have any questions!


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As Chief Information Officer (CIO), Hunter is expected to take Continuum's IT operations to the next level of performance as our company continues its rapid growth and expansion. Most recently, Hunter served as Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for Acadian Asset Management. Prior to Acadian, Hunter held positions at Plymouth Rock Companies as Director of Enterprise Technology Services as well as positions at Hobbs/Madison, MFS Investment Management and CSC Consulting. Hunter has a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Dartmouth College. He is responsible for all IT resources for Continuum’s U.S. and India locations.

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