Wish there were a way to end hacking as we know it? Well, quantum cryptology may be the answer. Meanwhile a Russian cybercriminal team is hijacking satellite-based Internet connections. To hear more, just click play!

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Welp we did it. Through laughter and tears, ups and downs, good stories and bad, we’ve reached IT Rewind episode 50. Being the 50th episode I decided it was only fair that we invite a very special guest on to the show. It’s someone who actually conceptualized and created this program. Please everyone welcome… one year ago me!

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Well All right. IT Rewind episode 50 starts right now! Hey wait; did the Patriots win the Super Bowl? 

Quantum cryptology could end hacking, as we know it. Sounds pretty good, right? Well, although the idea to end hacking is a no-brainer, the methods that quantum cryptology uses to carry out this idea are anything but simple. According to HERO-KAZU SOO-KEE-MOTO, Tobshiba has developed the world’s fastest quantum key distribution prototype. The prototype uses light particles that are transferred through a custom-made fiber-optic cable independent to the Internet. Any attempt at a hack will result in an alteration of the quantum state and would be immediately detectable. To try to understand the concept behind quantum cryptology a little bit better, check out the full blog on InfoWorld linked below.

Epic Turla, a group of Russian cybercriminal is hijacking satellite-based Internet connections in order to hide their servers as they target governmental, diplomatic, military, educational and research organizations. The group has been active for at least eight years and is know for using highly sophisticated malware on both Windows and Linux operating systems.

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