Clients are demanding a lot. With the bar constantly rising for the support they expect, you’re expected to deliver better support without adding resources. As an SMB, you probably feel this challenge acutely.

That’s where knowledge management and self-service come in. According to industry analysts, finding the answer takes about 68% of the total time to resolve a support issue. By providing great knowledge at the agents’ fingertips, they find the answers faster and slash the time spent on each call. When you provide self-service, your clients find the answers themselves, deflecting calls from your service desk and reducing call volume. Your clients are happy to quickly get answers to their questions, whether they call an agent or self-resolve their own issues.

Of course, a self-service portal is only as good as the knowledge that’s behind it. In this way, knowledge is the foundation of good support, whether it’s handled by agents or by your clients, themselves. Only when you have a complete, up-to-date knowledge powering all your support channels can you deliver great support experiences.

Continuum chose RightAnswers to power its Help Desk and Network Operations Center (NOC) in order to help meet or beat its service level agreements (SLAs). Based on the improved SLAs and other positive results of this knowledge initiative, such as improved first-call resolution rates, Continuum is working closely with RightAnswers regarding the implementation of the RightAnswers self-service portal.

Companies of all sizes use RightAnswers to deliver SmartService™ to their clients, including many well-known Fortune 100 companies. By using RightAnswers, even smaller companies can give the service that all users have come to expect.

What to Look for in Your Knowledge Management Vendor

The right knowledge management technology is vital in providing great support. Whichever knowledge management vendor you are considering, look for these must-have factors:

  • Easy-to-use knowledge creation tool that keeps your knowledge consistent, and has built-in checks for aging and finding gaps in the knowledge your clients are looking for
  • Personalized search to help agents and users find answers fast
  • Social knowledge tools, so your community of users can help each other solve problems
  • Seamless integration into your ecosystem, for a streamlined experience for your agents and users
  • Flexibility to suit the content and the audience. This includes multichannel support, such as web, mobile, chat, email and social; multi-format support, such as video, images, text, decision trees, forms and multi-step solutions; and multi-lingual support for a global audience

RightAnswers, the #1 provider of cloud-based knowledge management, web and mobile self-service, social knowledge and knowledge services, is proud to sponsor Navigate 2014. Stop by our table at Navigate 2014 to learn how knowledge done right can improve your client satisfaction, while lowering your support costs, and why Continuum selected RightAnswers to power its customer support.

RightAnswers Results:

Our clients realize the following:

  • Reduced call handle times by 50 percent
  • Call abandonment rate reduced to six percent
  • 75 percent of incidents resolved at Level 1
  • Reduced Level 1 call times from 10 min to 35 seconds
  • Improved end-user productivity and satisfaction
  • Improved overall effectiveness of support organization

For more insight on knowledge provider essesntials, see the infographic: 5 Knowledge Must-haves.

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