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Remembering Those Who Have Fallen and Thanking Those Who Have Served

Posted May 28, 2018by Lily Teplow

Remembering Those Who Have Fallen and Thanking Those Who Have Served

On this Memorial Day, we wanted to take a moment to thank all those who have served in our military, and those who have given their lives for our freedom. We feel that there is no greater sacrifice to be made than to serve your country and we salute all the veterans out there on this Memorial Day.

As veterans return home from service, many of them choose to leverage their acquired skills and get jobs in the IT industry. We understand the close ties that IT professionals have with the military, and many of our own employees and partners have served our country.

Here is what some of our own employees have to say about serving in the United States Military and the lessons they have learned. 

Frank_Bauer_small_-_cropped“I served in the US Navy from 1993-1997. I think I have a bit of a different perspective on Memorial Day than most. People thank me for my service, which I sincerely appreciate, but I feel there are others more deserving.

To me, Memorial Day should be directed towards those who have fallen and those injured. They are the real heroes we need to remember. While I served, I wasn’t on the front lines or saw anything near combat. Those who were, are the true heroes.”

- Frank Bauer, U.S. Navy 1993-1997
Director of Sales, Australia/New Zealand




“[Memorial Day means] spending time with your family and being grateful for your freedom and remembering the ones who make it all possible.

There were so many lessons, it’s hard to narrow this down to just one but I guess I would say what impacted me the most was to be family to those around you who don’t have family. In the military, it's a team environment and we learned to work as a team. When one member fails, we all fail.” #teamplayer

-Tonya Barnett, U.S. Air Force 1999-2005
Technical Sales Engineer





"Our freedom was won on the backs of our veterans and our continued freedom is protected by our serving military. Freedom is not free, the cost is sacrifice in blood. I thank them every day, I remember those who didn’t come home on Memorial Day.

I learned that commitment and discipline are paramount. Without both the work is only partially done."

- Dominic Carpini, U.S. Navy 1969-1974
Technical Success Manager


Continuum is a proud supporter of veterans through the Continuum Veteran Foundation, a nonprofit organization providing financial support to nonprofits that focus on helping veterans find jobs in IT. For more information, visit:


We sincerely thank all of the veterans who have served and given their lives for our country. 

We would love to hear from other veterans about what Memorial Day means to you. Sound off in the comments below!

Lily is passionate about storytelling, marketing, and helping businesses solve their biggest challenges. In her role as Public Relations and Media Specialist at Continuum, she is responsible for enhancing the company’s voice and presence through online and offline channels. With a background in communications and content creation, Lily is a seasoned and established writer in the IT industry. In her spare time, Lily enjoys traveling the world and cheering on her favorite Boston sports teams.

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