If you subscribe to our blog or have it bookmarked, you may have seen our MSP edition of Would You Rather. We were overwhelmed by the amount of responses we received and knew we had to share! Between the two rounds, we asked you and your peers to answer sixteen questions, some proving more difficult to answer than others. After a whopping 1,400+ responses flooded in, we're excited to share the best results with the MSP community and encourage you to share with your networks! When it comes to mind-numbing IT tasks, nightmare-inducing cyber threats or time-consuming projects, how do you fair comparatively? The following infographic is just a snapshot of your daily life working in managed IT services, but we hope you enjoy!




Cutting Room Floor

We couldn't include all of the results, but you can still see how your answers match up once you vote on those questions that aren't captured above. Check out the original posts below:

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