A new type of malware called, "Rombertik" comes with a risk that will make your hair stand on end. Another week, another WordPress plugin vulnerability. Hear about these stories and more on this week's edition of IT Rewind!


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New Rombertik Malware Attacks Hard Drives, Wipes MBR If Detected

Extreme Tech, @ExtremeTech, Joel Hruska

Attackers Exploit Vulnerabilities in Two WordPress Plugins

Network World, @NetworkWorld, Jeremy Kirk, @Jeremy_Kirk

WordPress Fixes Actively Exploited Flaw

CIO, @CIOonline, Lucian Constantin, @lconstantin

Verne Harnish to Deliver Closing Keynote at Navigate 2015 by Continuum

Continuum, @FollowContinuum


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3 Annoying Questions and Excuses You're Sick of Hearing From Your End Users


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Now that you've seen our top picks for this week, here are some more stories that made the headlines. Have a suggestion for a story that we should cover next week? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting @FollowContinuum or @BenDBarker!

Microsoft security:

         Microsoft Picks Security for the Enterprise Win
         InfoWorld@infoworld, Joab Jackson, @Joab_Jackson

Google ad injections:

        Superfish Injects Ads in One in 25 Google Page Views
        CIO, @CIOonline, Lucian Constantin, @lconstantin

Microsoft cracks down:

         IT Pros Lack Confidence in Cyber-Defenses
         eWeek@eWEEKNews, Nathan Eddy



Hey there, everyone and welcome back for another edition of IT Rewind! As always, I’m your host Ben Barker. A new type of malware presents a catastrophic risk to users and two more WordPress plugins have known vulnerabilities that are being exploited by hackers. We’ll cover these stories and more right now on IT Rewind!

A new type of malware called Rombertik is causing serious problems. Rombertik works like most other malware for the most part, but this system has one key differentiator. Rombertik scans for signals that its actions are being monitored. If it finds that it has been detected, it overwrites the master boot record of the hard drive. For more information on the Rombertik malware, please check out the full post on Extreme Tech by Joel Hruska, which is linked below.

Last week, we talked about the vulnerability TheCartPress eCommerce Shopping Cart WordPress plugin. This week, there are two more plugins containing vulnerabilities that are being exploited and affecting millions of sites at risk. JetPack, a customization and performance tool and Twenty Fifteen, used for infinite scrolling are the two plugins causing the issues. The vulnerability exists in the Genericons package, which is used by both plugins. WordPress 4.2.2 is available as a security update that addresses the Genericons issue and contains bug fixes, so make sure you update! Again, for more on these plugin vulnerabilities check out Jeremy Kirk’s full report, which is linked below. We’ve also included a link that details the WordPress update.

If you’re a Continuum partner, it’s time to start getting excited for Navigate 2015. Continuum recently announced that Verne Harnish, the founder of the Entrepreneur's Organization and author of “Scaling Up,” will be delivering the closing keynote at this year’s user conference in Las Vegas. If you haven’t already booked your ticket head on over to and make sure you don’t miss out.

We’re just about out of time on this week’s show, but, as always, remember to read the full stories that we covered today by clicking on the links below, as well as the featured Continuum blog post of the week. This week we’re featuring a post that was built using your responses. We asked all of you MSPs that may be on Reddit for the questions and excuses that you’re sick of hearing and you provided us with some great responses, so make sure you check it out.

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