Are you an organization struggling to meet sales cycle demands? Often, companies become overwhelmed by the various cycle stages and required actions involved in the sales funnel. This can lead to the silo effect where sales and marketing are treated as two separate entities or even worse, one is sacrificed for the other due to insufficient time and/or resources. Whether you're looking to ramp up lead generation or close new business, sales enablement and automation can ease the burden and set your organization apart!

Getting Started

The Sales Funnel

What gets fed into the sales funnel? Direct sales, website search engine optimization (SEO), tele-sales, email, advertising, social media, and leadgen content to name a few inputs. That may seem like a lot of information informing your sales initiatives, but that's exactly what an organization wants!

However as is typical in any funnel, the information that goes in can get stuck when too much of it stays in the middle. Ever hear of the bottleneck effect? This is what happens when you have a lot of leads (a good thing) but either not enough assets to move them through the funnel or not enough of the right assets at the right time (a bad thing). Sometimes, you might have both the assets and the leads but you don’t have the internal resources necessary (a very bad thing). And sometimes you just don’t have the leads.

Enter Sales Enablement & Automation Software

A good sales enablement and automation software provides your company with the tools needed to turn a lead into a customer and the support necessary to do it!

How Does the Right Sales Enablement & Automation Software Help Me? 

You may be scratching your head, wondering how this relates to your MSP business. Do these four pain points sound familiar?

MSP Challenge 1: Generating Leads

You're expected to generate inbound leads, build a brand in local markets and improve ranking in search engines. There's just one problem. You don’t necessarily have the bandwidth within your organization to drive these marketing tactics.

The Solution: Inbound Marketing 

Are you wondering how to solve the MSP marketing struggle? Inbound marketing helps you drive leads to your website through enabling personalized landing pages, website SEO, email marketing, and social media marketing, to start. 

Working with the right sales enablement and marketing automation software means not only having a partner guide you through the creation and the execution of an inbound marketing strategy, but also one that can create pre-packaged marketing content and show you when, where and how to use these assets to optimize leads and close sales.

MSP Challenge 2: Nurturing New Leads

You have to stay in front of potential customers when a problem arises, while simultaneously warming leads. 

The Solution:  Marketing Automation 

Automating repetitive tasks is one of the best ways to save your organization time and money without ignoring marketing efforts. Many organizations neglect marketing because they’ve heard it takes a lot of time to be effective and that is true. However, by using marketing automation software, you can “set it and forget it.” An organization can set up the timely release of email marketing campaigns well in advance and forget it’s running in the background - at least until the leads start coming in. This is called a “drip campaign” and it’s an easy way to stay top of mind with your customers.

Another great feature of marketing automation is what it means for a social marketing strategy. Silence is never golden on social media, but it’s a challenge for organizations to keep on top of the real time responses necessary to drive brand awareness through social marketing. Marketing automation software allows you to schedule posts a day, a week or a month in advance and get on with the business of running your business. The right software company will also provide your organization with a tool to blog, tweet, and post to LinkedIn through one common platform. 

MSP Challenge 3: Engaging Prospects

Ok, you have your hot leads, but now, you need to engage them and turn them from prospects to deals.

The Solution: Sales Enablement

Looking to redefine your sales funnel? Many organizations are using sales enablement software to create a more effective and efficient sales cycle. Let's focus on the importance of arming your sales team with the right tools and assets to help make sales. You'll need data sheets, prospecting tools, sales playbooks etc., but it's important to give your sales team these tools so that they convey a consistent message. It's part of sales and marketing alignment, which leads to a more efficient funnel. 

MSP Challenge 4: Close New Sales

You don't know how to marry your marketing activities with closing customers.

The Solution: Virtual Marketing Services


In order to be successful, all organizations must align their marketing and sales departments. This is accomplished when marketing services are built into the program. You can look at Mindmatrix as your "virtual" marketing support center. We use our resources to create assets, set up drip campaigns and automate your social media marketing for you. This way, you will have the assets and programs necessary for selling at all stages of the sales cycle without spending tons of time creating or managing them. MSPs should take advantage of a program that offers a seamless, top to bottom sales enablement solution and automation functionality.

We understand the unique challenges MSP's face and how difficult meeting the demands of the sales cycle at every stage can be. However, you can set your organization apart and drive more leads by having the right partner to help you "navigate" your marketing and sales enablement needs. 

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