Another Navigate conference in the books...and what a fantastic event it was! In case you missed the three-day event that took place in Las Vegas almost three weeks ago, check out this short recap! As always, we were incredibly excited to see so many of our OpenDNS partners — and meet new ones. While there were many great presentations and talks, I did notice one particular theme I think is most relevant to Continuum MSPs: the focus on growing and scaling your business.

During his closing keynote, Founder of Gazelles, Inc., Verne Harnish, spoke about MSPs’ focus on scaling their companies. While he shared many actionable strategies that could be employed immediately, one idea stood out from the rest: the importance of keeping your limited hours directed towards smart growth. 

Here at OpenDNS (which you may know is now part of Cisco), we understand that in order for your business to grow, you need to stay focused on this business growth and cut out the noise. Our Umbrella for MSPs product is designed to help you keep your eyes on the prize... by keeping them off security problems and the fire drills that come with them.

Umbrella protects your clients anytime, anywhere, and on any device — as a cloud-delivered service, we’re able to extend security to wherever users may roam, providing essential flexibility in today’s modern work environment. This global coverage gives your company an edge in value (especially for companies looking for an easy-to-deploy solution), and also keeps remediation time low, so you can concentrate on expansion. 

However, that’s just one way Umbrella for MSPs helps you scale your business. In addition to helping you put out (and outright avoid) fires, we designed our dashboard to help you manage your customers and their security policies easily — from a single pane of glass. With Centralized Settings, you create policies that can be applied to many, or all customers, allowing you to spend less time suffering through administrative headaches and more time on growth.


Of course, if you stopped by our booth at Navigate, you probably know all of this — and maybe even got to see a demo. But we also know our booth was incredibly busy throughout the entire event, so if you want to take a closer look at Umbrella for MSPs or even set up a no-credit card trial, visit our website at

Another way to scale is by leveraging a help desk!

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