The managed IT services business has been in existence for the better part of two decades, and its future is bright, with global growth expected to increase from $180.5 billion in 2018 to $282 billion by 2023, according to forecasts from MarketsandMarkets. Yet managed service providers (MSPs) continue to find it a challenging business to grow, optimize and sustain (or exit) profitably.

Our new eBook created in tandem with Channel Futures, Secrets to Sustainable Growth — for MSPs, by MSPs, offers critical guidance to MSPs on how to run their businesses better and smarter, growing their revenues and profit margins across pivotal maturity stages.

It’s broken into three chapters, which will cover how to:

  • Jumpstart your growth
  • Maximize your profitability
  • Protect your revenue

In this first chapter, we interviewed managed services providers from around the globe, with track records of success, as well as Continuum’s managed services experts to understand how they have jumpstarted growth. They share advice about what to do—and, sometimes, what not to do—to more quickly scale your early stage managed services business.


Starting Out, Growing Pains & Foundational Tools

"[Using RMM] was a good strategy, and it worked really well. We were able to keep the same staff and grow our business."
— Tim Lasonde, Focus Technology Solutions

“Our priority has always been automation. We do so because it saves time and creates consistency. Without it, you’re chasing your tail.”
— Francis West, CEO, WESTTEK

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