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Seizing the IT Security Opportunity with Continuum Security

Posted June 27, 2018by Lily Teplow

Seizing the IT Security Opportunity with Continuum Security

“I need more skilled people for our security team.” Over the past year and a half, this sentence has been uttered countless times from IT service providers across the globe. Cyber security has grown to become a major global issue—with hackers and sophisticated threats capitalizing on the fact that there’s a clear shortage of security talent today. With virtually every aspect of your clients’ personal and professional information at risk, it’s your job to keep them protected. To do so, you need an advanced security solution that can hold up to the test. 

Continuum Security provides the complete framework that MSPs require to effectively deliver cyber security services to their customers—and with our acquisition of security leader CARVIR, we have three exciting products that MSPs and MSSPs can begin leveraging immediately. In a recent webinar, Continuum CEO Michael George was joined by Continuum Senior Director of Product Management Brian Downey and CARVIR CEO Jay Ryerse to discuss the opportunities MSPs have in the security space and how to achieve success with Continuum Security. In this post, we'll take a look at some of the key takeaways so you can understand exactly what your SMB customers are demanding and how you can deliver.

The Security Market Opportunity

Your clients need more advance security services because they lack the skills and resources that are necessary to protect themselves. Because of this, we’ve seen a shift in cyber criminal activity—from targeting businesses and data at the enterprise-level to targeting much easier prey: the unprotected SMB. 

Just take a look at these stats from the webinar:

The SMB is the Target 

Dealing with Today's Challenges

With the traditional protection tools that are available today, such as antivirus and firewalls, many SMBs believe that their MSP is properly securing their business. Clearly, that’s not the case.

We’ve reached a turning point in IT security, and there exist some challenges that come with this new era. Michael noted several common themes around MSPs’ challenges with security, especially: they hadn’t been able to define their security services in the past, they lacked the ability to educate their partners and drive upsell opportunities, and they lacked the tools and the security resources to implement the more advanced security solutions required in today’s security landscape.

MSPs understand the need to develop more advanced managed security services and offerings, but to date, have been unable to do so for two key reasons: the inability to find, afford and retain in-house security talent, and a lack of MSP/SMB-oriented tools in the marketplace.

Creating a Superior Security Product

Continuum’s acquisition of CARVIR has allowed us to greatly accelerate our time-to-market for some of the solutions, tools and products that we’ve built with the MSP in mind.

We’ve had a vision for several years now of developing services-enabled security technologies, in the same way that we’ve successfully done with RMM and BDR. We’ve been working with our partners in a closed beta to help us refine and shape our security portfolio, and were on a great trajectory to bring some powerful products to market—but we identified that this market simply couldn’t afford to wait another 12-18 months, because your SMB customers need advanced security today. Which leads us to...

Continuum Security

Security is not new to Continuum. When we formally launched Continuum Security we focused on the helping MSPs deal with the changing security and compliance needs of their clients, and helping them do that in a way that aligned to their business enabling them to drive new revenue streams and increased margins. Today, this has transformed into three robust products: Profile & Protect, Detect & Respond – Endpoint, and Detect & Respond – Network & Compliance. Below is a breakdown of each:

Continuum Security

If you attended DattoCon18, this content may look a bit familiar. That’s because we gave this presentation at the event, and you can now view it on-demand here.

Also at DattoCon, on the night of June 19, we held a wildly successful Continuum Security Launch Party. Below are some of our favorite pictures:



See Continuum Security in action!

Explore the Power of Continuum Security

Lily is a Content Marketing Manager at Continuum and is passionate about helping businesses solve their biggest challenges. She is responsible for managing Continuum’s MSPblog and writing on a variety of topics, from sales and marketing to cybersecurity, helping establish authority in the MSP market. Lily is also a seasoned content creator and has supported Continuum’s PR and media efforts. In her spare time, Lily enjoys singing, traveling the world, and cheering on her favorite Boston sports teams!

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