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Last week, we hosted a webinar with Robin Robins, titled How To Use Strategic Marketing To Set Up Every MSP Sale So Closing Is Easy, Effortless And Natural. In this second installment of our webinar series with Robin Robins, Founder of Technology Marketing Toolkit, and Jeanne Hopkins, SVP and CMO at Continuum, we discuss Robin's newest sales and marketing process that pre-qualifies leads so you can avoid hard-selling. Have you had any of these same six questions?Robin and Jeanne answer all in the webinar, available for download below!

What You Can Expect in This Latest Webinar:

Cold leads are difficult and costly to turn over, however with Robin's training you can learn how to build an effective sales funnel that will generate A+ clients. All your sales team has to do is seal the deal! Learn how to eliminate your dependency on finding top notch sales people! We also discuss how to subtly eliminate any sales objections before prospects bring them up. This webinar flips the sales process on its head! Robin brings a fresh new perspective to sales, focusing on how you can help your client rather than what you can sell your client. Click here to watch the recording.

Top 5 Questions Asked During the Q&A: 

1. What are good answers to "we could just do this ourselves", or "we used to do this ourselves"?

2. Most of my sales managers and colleagues still think that it is best to keep lying until you get connected to the manager targeted. Do you have a better strategy to getting through to the decision maker?

3. Robin as you mentioned in the webinar, an effective way to get any of your marketing materials to the CEO is to FedEx them because offices prioritize FedEx, UPS mail etc. Would delivering materials in person still be equally successful? 

4. Robin I loved your Shock and Awe Box (a package containing a variety of marketing materials that Robin's clients can send to prospects). However, I am not a writer and creating these materials would be difficult for me. How much does your program help with creating these deliverables?

5. I loved the Digital Shock and Awe Box more (an interactive platform that Robin's clients can email prospects, allowing them to look through the different marketing materials). What software do you use to do this? 

6. How do you get your company and management to understand that the new business hunt is very different than the referral business they have depended on for years, when they have never had to drive with new business and treat new opportunities like current prospects?


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