Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Nathan Eisner, Chief Operations Officer of Sophicity, to discuss his backup and disaster recovery (BDR) business. As it turns out, Sophicity has a unique vertical that they specialize in: local government organizations, such as city halls, police and fire stations, and other emergency-response services. This means that when these clients experience downtime, there’s even more at stake than financial loss. For Sophicity’s clients, downtime could be a public health or public safety concern.

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With so much on the line, Sophicity needed a rock-solid and reliable BDR platform, and found the answer in Continuum BDR, our fully-managed backup and disaster recovery platform.

The criteria for Sophicity’s BDR needs are not necessarily unique among MSPs: they need a platform that offers true business continuity—not just backups. Continuum BDR delivers for them with powerful features like block-level backup, flexible retention policies, and granular file recovery, among others, which help to restore operating functionality in short time.

However, Sophicity points out that Continuum BDR’s major differentiator in the BDR market is its direct support provided by the Continuum Network Operations Center (NOC), who work 24/7 to go the extra mile and absorb daily maintenance and tasks associated with backups. As Mr. Eisner explained

“There are always hard and soft costs associated with these solutions, and the NOC really absorbs those soft costs by providing day-to-day monitoring, troubleshooting and support for our clients’ backups. We have a senior level engineer—an expensive resource—who was spending all of his time dealing with BDR. Thanks to Continuum’s NOC, he’s been able to save up to twenty hours a week and redirect it toward project work and higher-value tasks.”

Additionally, he explained to me that he was deeply impressed with the performance of Continuum BDR and the support he received from Continuum during a recent disaster recovery test he performed for a client. In this scenario, the credibility of his practice is on the line; it is a true demonstration of their investment in Sophicity’s BDR services. Eisner was happy to report that everyone, from Continuum account managers to engineers at the NOC, were committed to the success of his on-site disaster recovery test.

With this support, Eisner and his team were able to restore his client to full functionality in less than four hours—a time that thoroughly impressed the client as well as Eisner himself. Now, Sophicity is able to use this stat to attract new business and impress new prospects with the speed and efficiency of their restore capabilities.

To hear Nathan Eisner report the success he has had with Continuum BDR is exciting to me, as it represents a crystal clear example of what’s possible with a fully-managed BDR platform. Sophicity is able to leverage the NOC to better utilize their senior engineers’ time as well as coordinate sophisticated DR tests that not only prove the value of existing business, but win new business as well. For an MSP whose business rests upon the foundation that their clients’ downtime may literally be a life-or-death situation, having Continuum BDR as the cornerstone of that BDR strategy is a powerful statement.

To hear the full interview with Nathan Eisner, COO of Sophicity, use the player below.

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