“Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart.” – Joe Chernov

Effective marketing is a challenge for businesses of any size and industry today, and MSPs are no exception. Technology and service delivery are certainly at the core of any modern MSP portfolio - but without effective marketing, it can be very difficult to grow the business and break into new markets.

Over the past several months, we published a three-part series designed to help MSPs jumpstart their marketing efforts – and now, we’ve turned that series into a complete and comprehensive eBook! 

The Complete Guide to MSP Marketing contains everything you need to develop a basic understanding of some of today’s most important marketing concepts – including inbound and outbound marketing, engagement marketing, how to identify your target market, and more.

Here’s a quick excerpt from a section about building market intelligence:

Effective market research involves talking with current customers and prospects, and analyzing data to determine which products and services are in demand, who’s buying them, and how they can best be competitively marketed and sold. The insights gleaned throughout these processes allow an organization to greatly reduce business risks, identify current industry trends and target lucrative sales opportunities.

Many small businesses begin their market research by poring over the wealth of data available from government sources on market and industry. These free services provide insight into businesses, industries and economic conditions, and include databases on employment statistics, income, earnings and economic indicators. The U.S. Small Business Administration ( provides a good entry point to many of these sources.


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