It's the 100th episode celebration of MSP Radio!

eBook: "Business Continuity: The MSP's Guide to Backup and Disaster Recovery"

This week, we are offering a spectacular new ebook at It's all about BDR - an all inclusive guide for everything you'll need to know.

The 100th Episode

Then, we look back at our very first episode with a 2014 clip from Mark Connolly, Vice President of Sales at Continuum.

Afterwards, we leap forward to the present with an exclusive interview with Michael George, CEO of Continuum, and his thoughts on the future of Managed IT Services. Listening to these two conversations back to back, it's amazing how far the channel has progressed, and where it is heading!

Thank You

As always, MSP Radio wouldn't be possible without you, our listeners. Thank so you much for subscribing, and we can't wait to bring you the next hundred episodes of MSP Radio.


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