What’s more valuable to your business, the size or the quality of your contact database? Many MSPs (and businesses for that matter) boast about having a large database of contacts. But what they should really be looking at is the quality of these contacts. Cleaning your contacts database should be a regular part of your Marketing “hygiene”. Jacob Shama, the CEO of Minitigo, understands the importance of data. Tune in to MSPtv to learn how you can clean up your contact database and drive much more effective results from you marketing efforts. 

 Episode Outline:

Adam Barker, Director of Demand Generation at Continuum and Jacob Shama, the CEO of Minitigo

  • [0:10] What is Mintigo
  • [1:01] How Mintigo understands the customer’s key profiles, revealing the power of your data
  • [2:39] Removing the noise in your data and Mintigo’s ability to fix your data
  • [4:47] The importance of building your database intelligently, Size vs. Quality of your data


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