Throughout the month of February, we've been rolling out blog posts and graphics to show you how "showing the love" can help to better your business. Well, to wrap up the month-long affair, we've called upon everyone's favorite game show host, Brody Rhombus! Brody helps Jessica discover how she can become the most effective and cost-efficient MSP possible. Take it away, Brody!

In addition to his obvious charm, Marty Smart-Source provides Jessica with just what she needs in order to best serve her clients. Unlike Blake Break-Fix and Ian In-House, Marty provides Jessica with a reliable way to serve the needs of her clients without feeling pressure to get rid of the rest of her existing friends (or technicians). 

In the end, its clear that Jessica made the right choice. To find out how you can become more of a Marty Smart-Source, head on over to


Still not sold on smart-sourced solutions?

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