The Journey to GDPR Compliance Podcast

If there’s one acronym we’ve heard time and time again this year, it’s GDPR. Standing for General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR is one of the more prominent discussion topics in our industry right now, and there’s a lot that both MSPs and vendors must do in order to show compliance when doing business with European citizens.

On this special podcast episode, we bring you a Q&A discussion between Paul Balkwell, Vice President of International Sales at Continuum, and Hunter Smith, Chief Information Security Officer at Continuum. Paul and Hunter discuss Continuum’s journey to GDPR compliance, provide a status update to our European partners and answer some frequently asked questions. Tune in now to learn more!

What is GDPR?

At its core, GDPR is about protecting the data privacy rights of European citizens. The way personally identifiable information is captured, stored, processed and used all falls within the scope of GDPR—and again both MSPs and their vendors must work to ensure they are acquiring proper consent, and only capturing information that is required for legitimate business purposes.

If you’re not yet familiar with this legislation, a website has been setup at which offers more information.

How is Continuum Preparing for GDPR?

Across the industry, GDPR has been a priority for several months now. Here’s what Hunter has to say about the building blocks that Continuum has in place for GDPR:

“GDPR compliance has been a top priority for us for some time. Over the last year and a half we have invested significantly in our security, compliance and privacy programs which serve as the foundation for our GDPR efforts. We started with achieving our SOC-2 certification and we are covered for the Security, Confidentiality, and Privacy Trust Service Principles, or TSPs. We leveraged this into achieving our US-EU Privacy Shield certification and we are compliant with all of the principles. From there we turned our attention to GDPR.”

Hunter then goes on to explain the work Continuum has been doing in preparation for GDPR:

“This effort is being led by myself and a team of specialists who possess intimate knowledge of both GDPR requirements as well as our products, services and data handling practices. The team includes senior executives across our global organization in addition to external auditors and legal counsel. We are using Aprio for our audit services and GDPR specialists from both Goodwin Proctor and Field Fisher for our legal endeavors. As many of you may know, Field Fisher is one of the top law firms for GDPR compliance expertise.”

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