Are you looking to further expand your opportunities in the backup and disaster recovery (BDR) market? The current and future small- and medium-sized business (SMB) market requirements for effective data backup, redundancy and recoverability are well understood. The Web has given rise to a new era of 24x7 computing, and the speed of business facilitated by the "born-in-the-cloud" workforce demands always-on access to business services, applications and information. Now, managed IT services providers have the ability to transform their businesses by evolving beyond traditional hardware-centric offsite backup solutions to offer software-defined, cloud-based business continuity and disaster recovery services.

To assist you with your own business continuity planning and to provide an overview of the BDR opportunity for MSPs, we’ve published a new, comprehensive eBook that's nearly fifty pages in length: Business Continuity: The MSP's Guide to Backup and Disaster Recovery.

This eBook helps successful service providers trace the evolution of data backup and business continuity technologies, all while illustrating the important considerations and requirements that should be focused on when developing modern backup and disaster recovery offerings. Preview it now by reading a select excerpt here!

In Chapter 4: Marketing and Selling BDR, you'll discover how to position your business continuity offering as well as sales strategies for getting your foot-in-the door with prospects. Here's a sneak peak: 

Sell Value – Not Tech Specs

Chances are, your customers aren’t too interested in blocks, files, deltas and the inner-workings of your backup technology— they just want to know whether or not it works. When marketing BDR, it’s important not to get bogged down in tech specs or features; disaster recovery as a service is about providing peace of mind, and that’s the mindset you’ll want to have when building content, messaging and talking points.

Everyone understands the headaches associated with data loss, whether they’ve experienced an entire site outage or lost the latest version of an important presentation. Present your solution as a way to never experience these problems again and to eliminate downtime should disaster strike.

Conduct Thorough Assessments

Like any outsourced IT offering, assessing a potential customer’s network, infrastructure and existing backup strategy are essential components in a good BDR sales process. Take the time to learn which systems are most important to a given business, what existing backup technologies (if any) are in place today, and how they’ve dealt with previous disruptions or data loss incidents. By capturing and formalizing this information in a business risk or impact assessment, MSPs can build a strong case for outsourced BDR that helps demonstrate both expertise as well as the value of the offering.


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