The IT services market is changing rapidly as technology continues to play an instrumental role in everyday business operations. This has caused small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to outsource many of their IT needs in order to cut costs and gain access to expertise they wouldn’t otherwise have. Instead of spending their time and budget managing everything in-house, SMBs are leveraging the IT skills and resources that managed services providers (MSPs) can offer. But what are the main priorities that most businesses are focusing on when outsourcing IT, and how can you capitalize on these needs?

In order to successfully close deals and win new business, you need to properly communicate the value of your managed IT services offerings to prospects—and what better way to illustrate your point than by leveraging compelling statistics in your presentation? Use this chart to show clients how businesses like theirs are using IT outsourcing to reduce costs and yield a higher ROI on their IT spend!

According to KPMG, we are entering a “radical new world of outsourcing.” As IT is increasingly being seen as a business enabler, SMBs are quickly recognizing the value of outsourcing their needs to an MSP. This means there is a huge opportunity for you to gain new business!

As a savvy MSP, you know that IT outsourcing is growing in its popularity and adoption, but what are the major benefits you can communicate to prospects to help close more deals? To help you get started, we’ve pulled data from KPMG’s IT Outsourcing Service Provider Performance & Satisfaction Study. In using this chart in your next sales presentation, you can show prospects why businesses are choosing to pursue IT outsourcing and why they should follow suit.

See the chart below:



Cost savings remains a top driver of IT outsourcing, but the interesting trend here is that the new priorities are geared more around quality improvement and access to skills. This changes the value proposition for outsourcingshifting the emphasis toward delivering value-adding services and innovations in addition to cutting costs. A chart like this makes for a strong visual in any sales presentation, and can help you convince decision makers to invest in the various benefits that come from IT outsourcing!

As your prospects try to find the right service provider, they are carefully thinking about how they can focus on core business objectives without worrying about their IT needs. In outsourcing to an MSP like you, they can experience more growth with your proactive, predictable and preventative IT services. However, your most important job is to convince them they need the extra hands, without having to replace or hire additional members in their IT department. This is where outsourcing comes in:

  • First, your prospects can cut costs because they won't have to onboard new employees through a costly training process, pay for their benefits, prevent turnover or worry about managing them properly.

  • Second, they can experience a much better remediation process when they have your team of engineers ready to respond to service requests, rather than only having a few in-house resources supporting the entire company's staff.

The goal is to have your clients and prospects think of you as a strategic business partner. To do so, you need to discuss with them how outsourced IT services can translate directly into improved business performance, and can even provide competitive advantage.

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