It's Nate here, your friendly Continuum blog manager. We've had some great blogs this month, and I wanted to recap them for you in one post. From vocab tests, to statistics and important business strategies, we covered a lot this past month, and had contributors both inside and out of Continuum.

Here are our top 5 blog posts from the month of April!

Your 58-Word Cloud Vocabulary Test

By Tom Henderson

You think you know the cloud? Test your knowledge against these technical definitions. Close answers count, because this isn't Oxford or Webster’s, just a mixture of marketing-speak and geek speak. You’re on your honor. No peeking, and be nice.

(We confess that this might be useful as a crib sheet before you interview for a sysadmin job or head to your next client presentation.) Read more »



29 Statistics Every MSP Needs to Know

By Nate Teplow


They say that numbers speak louder than words, so here are a few numbers we think shout volumes. We think it’s pretty clear that the need for managed IT services isn’t going anywhere. Check out these stats and let us know what your predictions are for the MSP industry. Read More »



Final 4 Steps for MSPs to Close New Business

By Ray Vrabel

TheFinal4Hopefully you’ve been following our March Madness series (if not, here are 16 Sweet Stats Every MSP Should Know About the Cloud and 8 Ways to Become an Elite MSP). With the Final 4 starting tomorrow, we've got the last post in our series, The Final 4 steps Managed Services Providers must take to close new clients. While it’s great for MSPs to focus finding new prospects via trade shows, marketing etc., those efforts really amount to nothing unless you officially close them as clients. So without further ado, here are four steps to take your prospects beyond rookie level and position them as potential new franchise players. Read more »


How to Write an MSP Business Plan

By Nick Merola


The old adage goes that if you fail to plan then you are planning to fail. In business, there may be no greater exercise than to put together a business plan. Surprisingly, many businesses operate without this kind of guidance and direction. Oftentimes, businesses are born out of a passion or identifying an area of opportunity. The first few customers come from referrals and personal relationships and the business is technically ‘off and running’. The problem is that if the company doesn’t know where it is running to, there will trouble in the future. This trouble can be avoided with a business plan, which can be as simple or complicated as you might like – but is always necessary. Read More »


5 Non-Monetary Compensation Strategies You Should Be Using

By Dave Boulos

non-monetary-compensationMoney is many things, but it isn’t everything. It can be tough out there for managed IT services providers. As an MSP, you want retain top talent, but you don’t always have the means to pay them. Luckily, there are a number of non-monetary ways that you can offer your employees compensation that actually help to enrich your staff’s daily work environment as well asenhance your corporate culture. Incorporating non-monetary benefits can also help incentivize your employees in positive ways. Read more »


Thanks for tuning in to our blog this past month. We look forward to bringing you many more posts in the month of May!


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