Are you sick of seeing back to school commercials already? It’s hard to believe another month of managed IT services blog posts has flown by, but to prevent those end-of-summer blues we’ve rounded up our top posts of August! Have you ever wondered how to price your managed services? Do you have the right onboarding strategy when taking on new clients? We’ve answered these questions and more in this month’s roundup!

Without further ado, here are the MSP blog posts our readers couldn’t get enough of this August!

How Do I Price Managed Services?


Posted by Brandon Garcin on Aug 9, 2016

“Do you have any managed services pricing strategies or tips?” That’s the single most common question I get asked by business owners trying to evolve from a break/fix model to a managed IT services model. Ultimately, you understand the need to evolve your product portfolio and expand into offering more proactive IT support. As a business model, managed IT services provides monthly reoccurring revenue and aligns your interests with those of your clients, thereby making those clients stickier. But still, MSPs with varying levels of maturity often lack confidence in your current pricing strategy. So what is there to consider when pricing managed services, and what are some of the most popular pricing approaches today?

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5 Hidden Costs Most MSPs Don’t Notice


Posted by Dave Boulos on Aug 16, 2016

As an MSP, what is your most important business goal? When I ask that question to our partners, the answer is always “growth!” All MSPs (and all businesses for that matter) want to grow, and they think the key to growth is by increasing their revenue. This is true to a degree, but increasing your revenue does not always mean increasing your profitability. Sometimes, the hidden costs of acquiring more clients or growing your business outweigh the actual revenue you generate.

MSP business owners must be aware of and work to minimize the costs associated with owning a business in order to improve your profitability. So what are examples of expenses that you should be tracking and scaling? Here are the five most important ones.

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Managed IT Services Client Onboarding Best Practices: The Weekly Byte [VIDEO]


Posted by Brandon Garcin on Aug 15, 2016

The first few months with a new managed IT services client are critical—and having the right onboarding strategy can be the difference between a satisfied customer or someone who’s wondering if they made the right investment.

In this edition of The Weekly Byte, we look at four important best practices to keep in mind as part of your new client onboarding process. Tune in now to learn more!

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5 Awesome Windows Features You Never Knew Existed


Posted by Matt Mainhart on Aug 24, 2016

The PC users you serve depend on Windows® for their daily business processes, but they may only be using basic features and functionalities. What about those productivity hacks and secret tricks that make work more bearable? The masterminds over at Microsoft® are constantly thinking up new, innovative ways to optimize their operating system’s user experience. 

Have you shared these five special features, gestures and Easter eggs with your end clients? As their strategic advisor and virtual CIO (vCIO), you’ve been charged with helping them grow their profitability. To alleviate operational inefficiencies and technology time-sucks, include this latest set of technology quick tips in your next newsletter send!

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3 Major Pitfalls & Profits When Promoting from Within


Posted by David Russell on Aug 2, 2016

People debate about whether it is best to promote employees or hire seasoned talent. It really depends on your company culture.

The first step is to understand the strengths of your company culture so you can play to those advantages. MSPs pursue three types of company cultures when deciding how best to allocate the talents of technicians and employees.

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