The heavily anticipated Olympic Games opening ceremony premiers tomorrow night – where the best athletes from all around the world will come together and compete for the gold. To celebrate, we’ve rounded up the best of our MSP blog content this past month! We covered a variety of topics, including how managed services differs from break/fix, tips for enhancing your service delivery and SLAs, how to create and host successful webinars, and more. So before you tune into the Olympic games, be sure to go for the gold by following these best practices highlighted in our top blog posts of July!

7 Questions to Ask Prospects About Their Break/Fix Approach


Posted by Jaq Baldwin on Jul 26, 2016 12:00 pm

When I speak to business owners and leaders about managed services, I'm often confronted with the argument that they are perfectly content with their current "we call when we have a problem" (also known as a break/fix) model. Many incorrectly believe that they're already receiving managed IT services. 

As MSPs, you and I already know why this model is so problematic. Break/fix models present several problems, but there are a few key points you can make to successfully counter this line of thinking.

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12 Driving Forces to Maximize Employee Productivity


Posted by David Russell on Jul 19, 2016 6:00 am EST

I am often asked how to motivate employees. The answer may surprise you: You can't. Your only option is to provide an environment where they motivate themselves.

Yes, this is hard work, even with employees who are naturally self-motivated. It is a discipline of systematic power to engage them in work that is individually meaningful to them, and communicate your value to them in ways they prefer. But how do you identify specifically what motivates each employee in your organization?

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5 Guidelines to Crafting a Strong Service Level Agreement


Posted by Lauren Peyton on Jul 26, 2016 6:00 am EST

A well-written service level agreement (SLA) can protect your MSP business from legal action, as well as ensure that you and your clients share a common understanding of service expectations. SLAs form the foundation that is necessary in building strong client relationships, so it’s essential that they are clear and well-constructed.

As an MSP, you can avoid leaving yourself vulnerable to costly complaints and lawsuits down the road by carrying out these service level agreement best practices. To get you started, follow these five guidelines when writing your managed services SLAs to achieve long-term success with your clients.

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The Keys to Successful Webinars: The Weekly Byte [VIDEO]


Posted by Brandon Garcin on Jul 18, 2016 6:00 am EST

Live webinars are a great way to engage with your audience while sharing content, and they can play a big role in lead generation and inbound marketing—but effectively executing a webinar takes careful planning. In this episode of The Weekly Byte, we look at the keys to successfully creating and hosting live webinars and growing your audience. Tune in now to learn more!

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Which 3 Critical Leadership Habits Will Transform Your MSP Operation?


Posted by David Russell on Jul 5, 2016 6:00 am EST

Lately Inc. Magazine has gone into hyperdrive with article headlines stating the number of best practices you must practice to be a great leader and save time. This is our bread and butter at Dave's Charm School, because we believe it's fundamentally important that every MSP business owner knows what separates a manager from a leader. To give you a taste of our training program, here are three leadership habits every IT solutions provider needs to adopt. In doing so, I guarantee you'll be a better leader than 98 percent of the people in management positions across the globe.

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