The Top 5 MSP Blog Posts of July 2017

Is it just me, or is this summer flying by way too fast? I always long for those longer, lazier summer days, but as a managed services provider (MSP), you know that your line of business never gets the day off. So, to make the most of your summer and help you set up your MSP business for long-term success, we’ve gathered our most helpful and valuable blog posts from July.

This past month was full of tips and best practices to help you grow your MSP business, including how to make impactful relationships with clients, what every MSP should include in their LinkedIn profile, which cybersecurity threats you need to look out for and much more. Let’s take a look at what the month of July had to offer on the MSP blog!

5 Important Onboarding Touchpoints Every MSP Should Know


When bringing on a new client, the first 90 days is the most crucial period in ensuring their success with your IT services. If you’ve been following along with my blog series, you’re already well on your way to optimizing your MSP onboarding process. In my first post, you asked and answered five critical onboarding questions to provide important insight into your client onboarding experience. In post number two, we embellished on your learnings to create a client onboarding journey to help you visualize the end-to-end process and identify areas of improvement. Now, it’s time to talk about impactful touchpoints during client onboarding that are not to be missed.

Let’s take a deep dive into how you can properly set expectations for a successful start to your partnership—starting with these five important onboarding touchpoints.

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Making Your Way to $10M: Getting a Seat at the Big Table


There is little that has been more valuable to our MSP growth than our ability to create strong relationships with CEOs and other key client executives. Executives are notorious for stonewalling IT initiatives for budgetary or other reasons, but these relationships have proved to be the opposite for us. The technical responsibilities of today’s executives are changing, and most would love to have a strong technical resource on which to rely.

In my previous post, I shared five ways you can use your company culture to your advantage in order to grow your MSP business. In this post, I'm going to switch perspectives from MSP owner to CEO. MSPs and IT professionals are often seen as mid-level business resources managed by the Operations Manager. The larger the organization, the lower it seems the MSP naturally sits in this organizational structure. However, if you want to be a $10 million MSP, you need to get a seat at the table. Here are some tips we've learned in our pursuit of building effective executive relationships.

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5 Must-Haves for Your LinkedIn Profile: The Weekly Byte [VIDEO]


What makes a LinkedIn profile great? For MSPs, it’s all about creating the right first impression with your prospects and customers. In this episode of The Weekly Byte, we outline five must-haves for your LinkedIn profile—tune in now to learn more!

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3 Cybersecurity Threats MSPs Need to Monitor and Manage in 2017


In the growing and evolving cyber threat landscape, how can managed services providers (MSPs) ensure that they’re delivering on their promise to secure and protect their clients at all times? Let’s face it, managing and monitoring cyber threats is not an easy task. MSPs are now under immense pressure to be the IT security superhero for their clients, but if you haven’t yet established a security offering, it may stunt your MSP growth.

Luckily, there are tools out there that can help you uphold your commitment to security, even amongst the major threats that are merged with business today. Let’s take a look at the three most crucial cyber threats MSPs need to be aware of in 2017 and how you can keep your clients protected from them.

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3 Tips for Achieving Long-Term Growth as an MSP


For most managed services providers (MSPs) today, long-term growth means planning for the future—for more clients, more staff, and more work. What most MSP owners don’t think of, however, is that focusing on sustainable success over short-term wins is critical for long-term growth. As things become more complex, it’s essential that you implement a strong foundation to help your business run like a self-driving car, or a well-oiled machine. That way, you can grow your business without the growing pains.

With that in mind, here are three tips to consider as an MSP if you’re looking to achieve long-term, sustainable growth for your business.

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