How do you balance customer and employee satisfaction? What common MSP mistakes should you avoid? How can you get prospects to hear your sales pitch? We answer these questions and more in our roundup of the MSPblog's most popular posts of July 2018.

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Partner Spotlight: How Computer Consultant Team Achieves Balance Between Customer and Technician Satisfaction


For most IT service providers, customer satisfaction and technician satisfaction seem to be in perpetual unbalance. Think of it as a see-saw; when you focus heavily on the customer side by fulfilling their every need, it may cause your internal team to feel overburdened and overworked, leading to costly turnover. On the other side, prioritizing your tech team’s needs over your customers’ could result in spotty IT support and a poor customer experience. So, what’s the key to achieving balance between the two?



7 Common Managed IT Services Mistakes to Avoid


Managed services are still one of the fastest growing segments of the IT industry. Hiring a managed services provider (MSP) means businesses can focus on core competencies instead of bothering with complex back-end IT processes.

With a range of offerings like cloud computing, data security, network monitoring, systems management and more, MSPs can give businesses IT solutions for a range of issues they might encounter on a daily basis. But, as a managed services provider yourself, you have your own fair share of challenges.



Top Tips for MSPs Supporting Office 365


At Southern IT Networks, we’ve been supporting Office 365 for several years now. Over these years, we’ve also moved from a pay-as-you-go support model to a fixed monthly fee model. Along the way, we’ve learned a lot about how to best support our small- and medium-sized business (SMB) clients and how to add value by using bolt-on services.

In this post, I’m going to share some of my top tips for supporting Office 365, as well as which services you could bundle in to add value and make it easier to support your clients.



5 Sales Strategies to Win Over Your SMB Clients


Like most MSPs, your target market falls into the small and medium-sized business (SMB) category—which is where most of today’s businesses in the U.S. fall. And, like any other business, SMBs need assistance in managing and maintaining their IT environments. Managed IT services can provide the proactive maintenance, enhanced security and technical expertise they seek, but how can you convince them to choose you in their search to find the right IT provider?

The key is to win over their technological hearts and minds. To do so, though, you must be intimately aware of how they prefer to be sold to. If you apply the following strategies to your sales efforts, you’ll easily find success with your SMB clients and prospects.



Here's How to Get Prospects to Listen to Your Sales Pitch


In the world of MSP and technology-related marketing, there’s a situation that is far too common that I think deserves a closer look. Feel free to stop me when this starts to sound familiar:

You've built and rebuilt your marketing strategy a number of times and you're finally starting to attract the new prospects that you need. There's one in particular that you've definitely got "on the hook," so to speak. You've worked hard to engage in some discovery conversations with them, you're continuing to work hard on building a mutually beneficial relationship with them, and... then it just seems to end.

You've got no problem getting someone's attention, but you're not able to do anything with that attention once you have it. People are hearing what you have to say, but they're not truly listening—at least not in the way that you need to get them excited about setting up a sales meeting.

So why does this happen and what can you do about it? You're about to find out.



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