What are the keys to an MSP marketing plan for 2019? How can you explain the cloud to your clients? What tools are needed to build a cyber security offering? We answer these questions and more in our monthly roundup of the MSPblog's most popular posts.

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5 Trends MSPs Should Be Blogging About in 2019


Blogging has become a core component of any business’ marketing strategy. And, with the ability to reach thousands of readers, establish authority in the market, and cost-effectively drive leads, blogging can have many benefits for your MSP business. But where most MSPs find themselves stuck is, “which topics should I be blogging about that will attract the right clients?”

We’ve reached a time of year where many are looking ahead for 2019 predictions and trends—and the IT industry is no exception. Keep reading to discover which five topics we suspect MSPs will see more of in 2019 and how you can leverage them to demonstrate your authority in blogs and other marketing efforts.



4 Signs You Should Say “No” to a Prospect


I’ve written a lot of posts on how MSPs can generate new leads, improve close rates, and become more successful in sales and marketing—but I think it’s time to flip the script a bit. While the fact remains that you can’t effectively grow your business if you’re not acquiring new clients, that doesn’t mean that you should jump on every opportunity that comes down the pipeline. In fact, knowing when to say “no” to a prospect can be just as valuable as knowing when to say “yes.”

In this post, we’ll explore four red flags that could signal when it might make sense to pause (or even walk away from) a potentially bad deal.



Explaining "The Cloud" to Your Clients [VIDEO]


When it comes to solving the IT concerns of small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), “the cloud” is now a glaring contender. You’ve probably heard that the cloud has revolutionized business operations—because digital transformation is driving businesses to use multiple environments across on-premises and cloud. Yet, while it remains an industry buzzword, it’s not simple to explain what the cloud is to your prospects and customers that likely have many unanswered questions.

By clearly defining “the cloud,” demystifying common cloud misconceptions and offering recommendations for MSPs, this next video in our Explaining IT to Your Clients series will help guide you through those client conversations.



Where Does the Managed Services Market Stand Today?


In the last quarter of 2018, it should come as a surprise to no one that the managed services market is changing, and the catalyst for that change is cyber security. This year, market dynamics and emerging trends came to a head to cause meaningful disruption in the managed services in the industry. So, where does the managed services market stand today? To understand that, it’s important to see how we got here.



13 Essentials for Building a Cyber Security Offering


In the modern world of advanced cyber security, you’ll need a lot more than consumer-grade antivirus and firewall applications to get the job done. Your clients have entrusted you with the logistics surrounding the safety and security of their IT environment, and to that end, you’ll need to arm yourself with the right stack of software and services to best protect them.



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