Having an effective website homepage is all about making a good first impression. If a visitor likes what they see, they'll be far more likely to click on a few links and visit additional pages to learn more about your business. If your homepage doesn't make a good impression, that visitor will likely head back to Google and look for a better result.  

In this edition of The Weekly Byte, we look at five homepage mistakes to avoid at all costs. These design and content errors can ruin a user's experience and prevent viewers from engaging with your website. You'll also gain an understanding of the first steps in optimizing and improving your homepage. Tune in now to make sure you're putting your best foot forward on your website!

The Weekly Byte is a video series that provides quick, digestible tips and best practices designed to help your business be successful. Get in touch with us via the comments section below if you have any questions about today’s episode or have ideas for topics you’d like to see covered in the future!

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