There’s Something Phishy Going on This Election Season Chart.pngWith roughly one more week to go before Election Day, the buzz around the presidential race is quickly reaching its peak. By now, we’re all probably sick of the election-related emails, phone calls, TV ads and so on. But with all this noise, many businesses don’t realize that hackers and scammers are exploiting the situation to steal their sensitive information. As an MSP, how can you protect your clients from falling victim to phishing scams all year round?

The success of a phishing attack depends on the victim’s level of trust, the cybercrime awareness training they’ve received, and the quality of their organization’s security infrastructure. One of the larger concerns with phishing is that it uses social engineering schemes to easily fool even the savviest of users. Cybercriminals are getting better at creating professional-looking and believable scams. They’ll typically mimic high-traffic sites that trick users into revealing login credentials or drop malware that can easily spread across a client’s network. With November 8th quickly approaching, we can assume that attackers will increasingly capitalize on the presidential race to lure in victims. This is cause for concern because it means that there will be an overload of election-themed emails, spam, malware and phishing sites that your clients could fall for. In fact, it’s already happening. Attackers are taking advantage of the popularity of the election to scam them with spam and malware!

If that’s not alarming enough, did you know that the number of phishing websites jumped 250 percent between October 2015 and March 2016? Cybercriminals are out for businesses’ most sensitive data, but your managed IT services can bolster your clients’ security defenses. In the chart below, we’ve gathered data from APWG’s Phishing Activity Trends Report showing the growth of phishing websites. Download this chart to use in your next MSP sales proposal and help position your managed services as the multi-layered security solution your clients need!

See chart below:

Are Cybercriminals Phishing for Your Sensitive Business Information-Chart.png

When presenting this chart, use these talking points to make your case:

  1. The steady rise you see in this chart is reason enough to implement security solutions in your organization. You need to be able to detect, isolate and remediate phishing attacks and other malicious threats, and our services can help you do just that. Our remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution will keep an eye on the health of your systems, and because it’s integrated with endpoint protection software, our team will work behind the scenes to minimize the volume of threats that reach your network.

  2. Your employees are your first line of defense, yet many have received inadequate security training about phishing attacks. The cyber threat landscape is becoming more dangerous, and you need to be prepared to defend your business. Security awareness should be part of your overall security strategy because it provides a human-firewall that can strengthen your defenses from within. With our ongoing education, we can teach your employees to be more aware of cybersecurity risks and show them best practices when dealing with unknown threats.

  3. Should your organization fall victim to a phishing attack, the best method for recovering is to leverage a backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solution. This will ensure that you have reliable and recent backups, which allows your essential data to be restored to a known and undamaged state with as little downtime or data loss as possible.

  4. Given the rise of phishing websites in past quarters, it’s reasonable to assume that attackers will up their efforts as Election Day approaches. This trend will continue and potentially even worsen throughout the craze of the holiday online shopping season. We understand the various risks that your organization faces, but you won’t have to worry about them because our services and technical expertise come complete with anti-malware, antivirus and firewall management solutions. The key to protecting your business is to take preventative measures now.


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Are Cybercriminals Phishing for Your Sensitive Business Information Chart Download