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The Ultimate Guide to Success in Managed IT Services

What are the fundamentals to building a profitable managed IT services business? Keep reading to discover the four key ingredients for success.

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How to Differentiate Yourself in a Growing Competitive MSP Landscape [Part 2: Hard Differentiators]

Posted by Ray Vrabel on March 25, 2019


Last week, we discussed how soft differentiators can help you improve your business. This week, we’ll focus on hard differentiators: what they are, how they can help you grow your business and examples of how our partners are using them today.

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Topics: Business Growth

The Ultimate Guide to Success in Managed IT Services

Posted by Robert Kocis on March 22, 2019

The Ultimate Guide to Success in Managed IT Services

According to BCC Research, the global managed IT services market could be worth more than $250 billion by the year 2021. This sector in flourishing, and the potential for value-added resellers (VARs), break/fix providers, or emerging MSPs to achieve scalable, profitable growth in IT is tremendous.

Capitalizing on this proactive, preventative approach to IT services is more efficient than running around putting out fires. Additionally, this model can lead to higher margins, scalability and recurring revenue, while improving customer service. To get there, however, you will need the right business plan, technology and partnerships. 

So, what’s the key to unparalleled success in managed IT services? Focus on these four elements:

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Topics: Business Growth, IT Services

7 Reasons You Can't Miss Navigate 2019 EMEA

Posted by Phylip Morgan on March 20, 2019


With less than a week until Navigate 2019 EMEA, there’s promise it’ll be the best one yet. Navigate is the only user conference in the IT channel that empowers MSPs to scale rapidly and improve their business metrics. This year, Navigate will bring attendees valuable content that’s built for MSP success, direct access to Continuum’s leadership team, collaborative networking opportunities to hear and learn from peers, and much more.

But these aren’t the only reasons why you’ll want to be there. Keep reading to discover seven key ways we’re stepping up our game with Navigate 2019 EMEA.

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Topics: Business Growth, Navigate, IT Services

How to Differentiate Yourself in a Growing Competitive MSP Landscape [Part 1: Soft Differentiators]

Posted by Ray Vrabel on March 15, 2019


In 2018, Managed Services alone accounted for $43B in annual revenue. Further, the total serviceable SMB market accounted for 7 million businesses, but only ten percent of that serviceable market is actually served by IT Service Providers today. This provides a huge opportunity for MSPs to gain additional market share and box out your competition. But how do you go about doing this?

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Topics: Business Growth

Dominating New Verticals in 2019: 7 Tips to Keep AEC Clients Cyber Secure

Posted by Josh Weiss on March 1, 2019


Traditional architecture, engineering and environmental consulting (AEC) firms are in the middle of a makeover, with spreadsheets and calculators taking a backseat to big data, technology and software. With increasing speed, AEC firms are utilizing technology-driven capabilities to provide more service offerings and improve efficiency. This means they require proactive cybersecurity strategies to protect their business. The bottom line is: AEC firms are making strategic investments in cyber security.

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Topics: Business Growth, IT Services, Cyber Security

The Top 5 MSP Blog Posts of February 2019

Posted by Meaghan Moraes on February 27, 2019


Having defined processes in your MSP to drive business forward. Understanding how to explain the value of your services rather than just listing them on your website. Finding the right opportunities to have cross-sell conversations with clients. These were just a few of the topics discussed on our blog this month that resonated most with readers.

Check out our roundup below of the top five MSPblog posts of February to explore the key themes buzzing in the MSP community right now!

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Topics: Business Growth, Sales and Marketing, RMM

Three Ways MSPs Can Demonstrate Value to Clients: The Weekly Byte [VIDEO]

Posted by Brandon Garcin on February 25, 2019

Demonstrating MSP Value to Clients

With so many aspects of managed IT services today being performed remotely and off-hours, it can be difficult to really “show” your customers the value you’re providing them every day. In this episode of The Weekly Byte, we break down three ways to help you reinforce and regularly showcase the value you’re delivering to your customers!

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Topics: Business Growth, The Weekly Byte

3 Important Questions to Improve Your MSP Business Processes

Posted by Cam Habib on February 7, 2019


One area that can often get overlooked in MSPs is operational strategy and process building. MSP business environments are chaotic by nature, often with small, nimble teams constantly putting out fires—which makes it easy to put off process-building initiatives. Revenue, profits and customers are always top-of-mind, and anything that remotely looks like it would impede the positive outcomes of these objectives is often deprioritized. Below, we’ll dive into some reasons why building these processes is so important and share insights on how they can catapult your team to greater success.

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Topics: Business Growth, IT Services

5 Ways to Improve Your MSP Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Posted by Brandon Garcin on January 30, 2019


Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are a critical component of any modern MSP business. The goal of these documents is to provide clients with a detailed understanding of the scope of your services, define which parties have ownership over certain functions, and to set proper expectations for things like resolution times and escalation procedures. SLAs also provide both parties with a level of protection against legal action should an issue or misunderstanding arise—so they need to be crafted thoughtfully and carefully.

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Topics: Business Growth, IT Services

Evolution of The Managed IT Services Provider

Posted by Joseph Tavano on January 29, 2019


As the progress of technology marches on, managed IT services providers are tasked with staying ahead of the curve and meeting changes as they come. As part of this continual adaptation, new services and solutions are changing the fundamental purpose of MSPs, challenging the industry to evolve yet again.

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