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How to Align Your Team Around an Outsourced Model

Posted by Brandon Garcin on April 13, 2018

How to Align Your Team Around an Outsourced Model

For managed services providers (MSPs), support and customer service is just as important as the software and tools you’re using—in fact, it might even be more important. Unfortunately, a growing labor shortage and an expanding skills gap have left many service providers unable to find, hire or retain the technical talent needed to support complex SMB environments. 

For this reason, many MSPs are turning to third-party providers and vendors who offer NOC, SOC, Help Desk and other services that can expand and augment an IT provider’s existing capabilities. When done correctly, these relationships can help MSPs greatly expand the scope of their services, extend coverage hours and refocus their internal teams toward more strategic projects and work.

In a recent episode of MSP Radio, I had the chance to sit down and discuss this topic with Barb Paluszkiewicz, CEO at CDN Technologies. We talked about how her company has successfully adopted an outsourced model, and today relies on Continuum to provide both software and services that help CDN be successful. Keep reading to learn how Barb uses outsourcing to grow her business and get more out of her team.

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Topics: Outsourcing, Business Development and Growth, Service Delivery and Operational Efficiency

3 Key Factors That Impact MSP Growth Margins

Posted by Lily Teplow on August 4, 2017

3 Key Factors That Impact MSP Growth Margins

As a managed services provider (MSP), you likely entered this line of business because you wanted to help organizations optimize their IT infrastructures, get the most out of their technology, and become a helpful and strategic business partner. What started as a dream has now turned into a full-time business—one that you must ensure remains successful.

Now, it’s probable that you didn’t earn your MBA to become an MSP, but now that you’re in charge of your business you need to become well-versed in the business-side of things—like finances, accounting and mergers and acquisitions. For example, you may have a goal this year to grow your bottom line, but what does that actually mean? What goes into that metric? If you want your MSP business to grow and succeed, you need to start thinking like a chief finance officer (CFO). Use this post as your guide to better understand the factors that can impact your profitability and learn how to maximize your managed services margins.

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Topics: Revenue Growth and Profitability, Business Development and Growth, Outsourcing

Tasks Every MSP Wishes They Didn't Have to Do In-House

Posted by Ian Waters on July 27, 2017

Tasks Every MSP Wishes They Didn't Have to Do In-House.png

Over the past few years, we’ve been making the move from the traditional break/fix model of providing IT support to the managed services provider (MSP) model. Moving from a reactive business to a proactive one means you end up doing a lot more chores for your clients in the background. However, there comes a point when managing and executing these tasks in-house can become a burden for your business.

From the smallest one-man-band to the largest of MSPs, there are always things we wish we didn’t have to do ourselves. Let’s take a look at the most common tasks every IT provider wishes they didn’t have to do in-house. 

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Topics: Remote Monitoring and Management, Outsourcing, Service Delivery and Operational Efficiency

Meet the Technicians that Answer Your Clients' Calls, Continuum's Help Desk!

Posted by Ben Barker on January 15, 2015


You may have heard of Continuum's Help Desk, but do you know how it operates? Who are the people that you're trusting to fix your clients' issues and keep your business operating from day to day?

Well, they're a group of talented, certified, U.S.-based technicians who use their expertise to keep you and your clients happy 24/7.

Located in Pennsylvania, Continuum's Help Desk boasts more than 100 technicians. But to fully understand how it operates, you'd have to be there. We know that you're all too busy to book a flight to PA, so instead, we decided to give you a look at the people and personalities that make this service so amazing.
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Topics: Business Development and Growth, Help Desk, Outsourcing

What it Means to be Channel-Exclusive

Posted by Nate Teplow on January 1, 2015


Happy New Year everyone! As we head into 2015, many of us, both individuals and companies, use the New Year to evaluate our values.

Whether you’re a Continuum partner or not, you may know that Continuum is a channel-exclusive company. We toss that term around a lot, but what does it really mean to be channel-exclusive?

It’s one of our core values and something we’re very proud of here at Continuum. So we thought we’d take a minute to explain what it means to us (and what it means for you) to be channel-exclusive.

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Topics: Business Development and Growth, Remote Monitoring and Management, Outsourcing

8 Smart-Sourced Help Desk Myths DEBUNKED

Posted by Mary McCoy on November 25, 2014


As a former Starbucks barista, I know the popular coffee chain continues to retain customers and generate new business because of its reputation for serving a Venti-sized mug of customer service. When Joe wants his cup of Joe, a friendly face asks him how his day is going, ensuring his drink is made to his exact specification. Maybe Joe doesn’t want whipped cream in that upside-down caramel latte.

Customer service is everything. How are you managing customer support? You know you need to provide round-the-clock service for clients, but are you doing so in a scalable way? Have reservations about migrating your MSP help desk? They might not be entirely justified...

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Topics: Business Development and Growth, Revenue Growth and Profitability, Help Desk, Outsourcing

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