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The Ultimate Guide to Success in Managed IT Services

What are the fundamentals to building a profitable managed IT services business? Keep reading to discover the four key ingredients for success.

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Welcome Continuum's New Vice President of Partner Success, Wayne Berkowitz [VIDEO]

Posted by Nate Teplow on September 7, 2017

Welcome Continuum's New Vice President of Partner Success, Wayne Berkowitz [VIDEO]

We are extremely excited to introduce Continuum’s new Vice President of Partner Success, Wayne Berkowitz! Wayne recently sat down for an interview to introduce himself and discuss his key priorities as he steps into this new role. Check out the video above to hear from Wayne himself.

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Topics: Partner Success, Continuum Team

Partner Spotlight: How Using AIDA to Sell IT Support Can Help MSPs Gain More Clients

Posted by Nuresh Momin on April 28, 2017

Partner Spotlight: How Using AIDA to Sell IT Support Can Help MSPs Gain More Clients

Managed services providers (MSPs) provide a wide range of IT services that are vital to modern business. With the help of your expertise and services, clients have more peace of mind knowing you’re monitoring, managing and caring for their IT infrastructure. However, IT services don’t always sell themselves. Valuable IT providers need a structured approach to convince prospects of their value.

One of the best sales strategies follows the AIDA model, which stands for:

  • Attention
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action

Leveraging the AIDA model has helped my MSP business win over new clients, so let’s take a closer look at how it can help you do the same.

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Topics: Business Development and Growth, Sales and Marketing, Partner Success

Partner Spotlight: How 2 MSPs Leverage Continuum BDR to Overcome Top BDR Challenges

Posted by Lily Teplow on March 17, 2017

Partner Spotlight: How 2 MSPs Leverage Continuity247 to Overcome Top BDR Challenges.png

Although backup and disaster recovery (BDR) has become a staple to every MSPs technology stack, many still struggle to develop a profitable and sustainable BDR line of business. Some of the common challenges we hear today include finding the right solution to fit your clients’ needs, or delivering effective data backup to clients across specific industries. Others have a hard time dealing with solutions that have become too cumbersome and time-consuming to manage, or even dealing with disaster recovery scenarios. As an MSP offering BDR services, your goal is to provide clients with reliable data backup and business continuity, but how can you do so when these challenges stand in your way?

Sometimes, the best way to succeed is to learn through others’ success. That’s why we’re sharing the stories of two Continuum partners who faced certain BDR challenges but proceeded to overcome them by leveraging Continuum BDR, our fully-managed BDR platform. Let's take a closer look!

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Topics: Backup and Disaster Recovery, Continuum BDR, Partner Success

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