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How To Generate MSP Leads Online, Even If Nobody is Going to Your Website

Posted by Nate Freedman on March 13, 2019


Oftentimes when I sit down to talk to one of my prospects for my MSP marketing agency, a find myself fielding some variation of the same question over and over again.

“I spent a lot of time, money and effort on my website… and nobody is contacting me from it. I need it to generate leads and I need them now… but that just isn’t happening. What gives?”

At that point, I do what anyone would do: I sit down with their Google Analytics to see if we can find the story beneath all that data. Usually, I discover that their website isn’t generating leads for a very simple reason: nobody is visiting it in the first place.

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Topics: Sales and Marketing

If You Want to Build a Brand for Your MSP, You Need to Offend People

Posted by Nate Freedman on March 6, 2019


Recently, I was going through a “brand discovery” process with a new client—the same process I’ve been doing for years. One of this client’s top MSP marketing priorities was to relaunch their website in a bold and striking way, so naturally one of our priorities quickly became nailing down their messaging.

We knew we needed to do more than just “get the word out” about their services. We needed to strike a chord and hit home with their target audience. You only get one first impression, and it’s my belief that resonating immediately is the best way to get someone to do what you really want them to, which is pick up the phone and give you a call.

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Topics: Sales and Marketing

The Top 5 MSP Blog Posts of February 2019

Posted by Meaghan Moraes on February 27, 2019


Having defined processes in your MSP to drive business forward. Understanding how to explain the value of your services rather than just listing them on your website. Finding the right opportunities to have cross-sell conversations with clients. These were just a few of the topics discussed on our blog this month that resonated most with readers.

Check out our roundup below of the top five MSPblog posts of February to explore the key themes buzzing in the MSP community right now!

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Topics: Business Growth, Sales and Marketing, RMM

Why You Should NOT List Your MSP Services on Your Website

Posted by Nate Freedman on February 13, 2019


Strategy calls have always been a big part of my sales process. They're not only the best chance I have to get to know a prospect a little more before our relationship begins, but also an opportunity for me to provide some genuine value before we even get into the conversation of what things might look like if we work together.

On those strategy calls, I always make it a point to give whatever MSP owner I have the pleasure of speaking with a chance to ask questions. Without fail, there’s one question that comes up over and over again:

“How can I improve my website?”

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Topics: Sales and Marketing

Four Themes to Help MSPs Drive Cross-Sell Conversations in 2019: The Weekly Byte [VIDEO]

Posted by Brandon Garcin on February 4, 2019

Four Themes to Help MSPs Drive Cross-Sell Conversations in 2019

When selling managed services, there are often opportunities to cross-sell or upsell existing clients that aren’t fully bought into your portfolio (or who aren’t leveraging your highest or premium service levels). In this episode of The Weekly Byte, we look at four ways MSPs can jump-start these conversations and increase their chances of capturing additional revenue in 2019!

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Topics: Sales and Marketing, The Weekly Byte

The Top 5 MSP Blog Posts of January 2019

Posted by Meaghan Moraes on January 31, 2019


What are the keys to selling security services? Which tools should MSPs take advantage of? Where is the managed IT services market headed? We answer these questions and more in our roundup of the MSPblog's most popular posts of January 2019.

See below for the top five blog articles our readers couldn’t get enough of this month.

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Topics: Sales and Marketing, Cyber Security

3 Winning Tactics to Approach Clients about Cyber Security

Posted by Derek Marin on January 24, 2019


It’s tempting to simply slap your company logo on templated pitch decks and hit the phones. But, we all know how this ends—the one-size-fits-all playbook is dated and ultimately ineffective. And besides, upgrading isn’t the same as selling to a prospect!

Clients expect their MSP's protection. In addition, the client's general perception of cyber security is influenced by their MSP. In this blog post, I'll offer some key tips on how to guide your clients to purchase more cyber security services, including understanding their personal views on security, how to perceive that they may be interested, and some simple email templates to arrange an upgrade meeting. 

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Topics: Sales and Marketing, Cyber Security

Building Your Security Go-to-Market Plan on Sales Basics

Posted by Jennifer Bleam on January 23, 2019


One of the biggest questions I’m asked when it comes to selling security is HOW to sell it. Whether you’re selling to new prospects or talking to existing clients during QBRs—at some point, you’ll have to have a sales conversation.

You may feel panicked at simply the thought of talking about security, especially if you don’t feel like an expert. Rest assured that you know a LOT more than the end user does. Stick to the basics and you’ll do just fine! In this post, we'll break down how to leverage that foundational sales knowledge when developing your security go-to-market plan. 

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Topics: Sales and Marketing, Cyber Security

How to Build a Marketing Engine for Your MSP

Posted by Nate Freedman on January 22, 2019


A few days ago, I was on the phone with a new prospect and we were talking about lead generation tactics that they could potentially explore in the new year. They were very clear about their goals—they wanted to start generating four new customers per month from their marketing, and they wanted to know from me what it would take to get them there.

Having been in this business for more years than I care to admit, lead generation happens to be one of my primary focuses. Based on that, I asked them the next logical questions: "How many new customers are you generating per month right now? What are you doing to get them?" The logic is simple—let's double down on what you're doing that's already working, then explore some new ways that we can potentially fill those gaps.

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Topics: Sales and Marketing

How to Sell Managed IT Services in 2019

Posted by Frank Bauer on January 16, 2019

A couple of years ago, I wrote a blog post called How to Sell Managed Services: Understanding the New Buyer Dynamic, a topic that's still top-of-mind for most MSPs today. In it I stressed that purchasing behavior has changed, rendering once popular sales strategies outdated and ineffective. Need proof on this? According to HubSpot, a mere two percent of cold calls result in an appointment. Clearly, there must be another way!

So let's say you're still struggling to fill your sales pipeline. You know what NOT to do because you've done it, and it isn't working. What then is the solution, how has it changed over time and what's driving that change?

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Topics: Business Growth, Sales and Marketing

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