During our last company QBR, I made a statement that stuck with our leadership team to this day. I said, “I want people to fall in love with BDR.” They were surprised and asked me how I’d do that. I’m sure you’re wondering the same.

I know that backup and disaster recovery tasks are repetitive. You need to set the backup frequency, which may vary from how often you backup on-premises versus to the cloud. Some clients require data to be backed up every hour; some can handle once a day without interfering in the success of their business operations in case they need data recovery.

From Painful to Profitable

Imagine all these variables if you manage dozens or even hundreds of sites. And have I mentioned media failure? BDR has come a long away since the tapes, but this is still a very common issue for backup and restore. Then you have software updates—sometimes infrastructure hiccups or even human error. That’s a nightmare!

One thing we can’t deny is that backup is crucial for any business. Data is one of the most valuable assets for SMBs. BDR is that insurance policy you hope to never use but brings you peace of mind that your clients’ data is protected, no matter what.

Considering BDR is a key component for IT security, you can’t afford to simply not offer this service to your clients. There is a way, however, to make it more interesting for your business. Don’t take my word for it. I’ll let Terry Ledger, owner and CEO of Network Coverage, a successful MSP with twenty plus years in the market, share his experience.

An MSP Tells All

Terry just released An MSP Tells All: 8 Best Practices for Maximizing Profit with BDR, an eBook with best practices on how to package BDR to your offering and how to better handle the repetitive tasks leveraging Continuum’s support.

“Before we had Continuum we averaged about a 70% recovery rate. Now with Continuum we are at 100% recovery rate. The solution is so seamless,” says Terry.

He also agrees that backup and disaster tasks are monotonous but there are ways to reduce the time dedicated to them while focusing on more strategic areas for your MSP.

“The NOC team manages the thousands of alerts that we get every day and flags anything that we miss,” Terry adds: “It (the NOC) makes a huge difference in our ability to deliver the best quality services to our clients.”    

At Continuum, your MSP not only counts on a reliable solution that constantly verifies the quality of your backup with advance technology but most importantly, you can offload the most tedious tasks to our NOC while you work with your technicians on what will make a real difference to your clients and for your business.

So, how am I going to help people fall in love with BDR? I’ll answer this by using my favorite quote in Terry’s eBook:

“With BDR we can trust, I can sleep at night knowing that my business is safe. If we lost one of our biggest customer’s data, it would handicap our company. I know that won’t happen, so I can make strategic decisions and investments that ensure our profitability for the long term.” 

Remember to download An MSP Tells All: 8 Best Practices for Maximizing Profit with BDR here and learn how you can fall in love with BDR, too.